🙏 Content Heaven, Content Hell 🔥

By Alan Wanders

Content hits + misses for B2B SaaS folk. Sent every month.

Content hits + misses for B2B SaaS folk. Sent every month.

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🙏 Content Heaven, Content Hell 🔥



Newsletter Retro 🔥 Content Hell

I started this newsletter as a way to send people content ideas they wouldn’t have heard of before.Here’s the launch email I sent to people I know to get some early subscribers. The explainer seems pretty ok but there are a lot of dodgy assumptions within.


The Ups of Downtime 🙏 Content Heaven

When a job ends you’ve got three options: (a) do nothing, (b) scramble for new client work, (c.) or try something new.I’ve tried all three and (c.) is the most fun, especially when combined with (b).Going straight to (b) is the safest bet, but you will usuall…


Who Needs Authenticity? 🔥 Content Hell

Butchers are ruddy chaps that wear aprons, enjoy bawdy small talk and were once most associated with murderers in Victorian London. Their profession is the namesake of roads, families and despotic military leaders.Digital marketers are youngish, assured folk …


The Content Vacuuuuuuum *pop* 🔥 Content Hell

Last year, I was onto a good run.My results were great, my rates were rising. Everything seemed to be going right. It briefly occurred to me that I might be a bit awesome.You probably recognise this state of affairs from the start of any film, right before so…


From Example to Category 🙏 Content Heaven

OK, picture this. You’re not a football fan, but the World Cup is on the radio. Italy are playing England. An Italian called Palindromi makes an important goal-line clearance. You barely notice.As Palindromi makes a few more key plays you start to pay attenti…


The Social Dilemma 🔥 Content Hell

Little contradictions eat away at SaaS business’s efforts on social.Lots of them come from these conflicting views of the channel:it’s easy, everyone’s doing it so we should too, we want to be young and funthere’s no business case, it’s not a serious channel,…


SEO Beginner's Mind 🙏 Content Heaven

I wasn't just hopelessly optimistic, I set my rates low, did a shedload of research, and built a clear process for getting where I needed to be.Before I dive into how this went as part of a project to boost search traffic, let's talk about probably the only a…


Defending gated content from damnation 🔥 Content Hell

Lots of marketers are making crosses with their fingers and hissing at every example of gated content. And most of the time fair enough. I still see a lot of gated content out there that assumes an acquisition funnel that’s way too simplistic to actually work…


Reddit Ads, Bad and Rad 🔥 Content Hell

How do you do, fellow kids?


Pleos Apply Within 🙏 Content Heaven

Anatomy of the perfect job description


The Bear Consultant

New Year / Xmas Special


Freelance Content Multitool... or Spanner? 🔧

Why 'scale?', he asked.I didn't really have a good answer. I was just using start-up language because that's how I thought I should think. 'Me scale, Me scale', I kept repeating like a Business Furby.After flicking off-on, I managed to say that I wanted to 'f…


This email is rubbish

A Tale of Two Bins


🌫️ Content Purgatory 🌫️

These Emails


🙏 Content Heaven, Content Hell 🔥 #3

Feedback council, Death by 1,000 cuts


🙏 Content Heaven, Content Hell 🔥 #2

Softwhere?, Maintain means decline


🙏 Content Heaven, Content Hell 🔥 #1

Records & cans, The Cranberries need to Shut Up


🙏 Content Heaven, Content Hell 🔥#0

The legal boombox and the lowball