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Pleos Apply Within 🙏 Content Heaven

Alan Wanders
Alan Wanders
Hi everyone,
Surely I’m the last person to wish you ‘Happy New Year!’?
This week I misspelled ‘Please’ in the subject line as a way of introing Pleo’s job descriptions, not just because I’m tired.
Linkedin likes to let me know about all the full time jobs I’ll never apply for, and I like to click on them because I’m curious about how B2B SaaS companies talk about themselves.
I was surprised at how good Pleo’s Head of Content job description was, so here it is, with its own fully-furnished suite in Content Heaven.

First off, what should a JD do?
Attract loads of applicants? Nope. Often you just want to hire one person.
This is what makes writing a great job description difficult. Depending on the role and where your company is based, the talent pool of people you would actually want to fill that role may be as small as 100, 50 or 25.
Chances are, those 25 people are all pretty similar. Your job description needs to find a way to wink at that audience and get them to wink back (with their mouse/trackpad).
Here’s how Pleo opens their job description for a Head of Content.
Whose idea was it to start a job description like this? Why is it so… weird?
It reads like the first draft of a blog you’ve been leaving til 5pm - when it’s already past 6. It’s ridiculously relatable, but only if you work in content.
I had a quick look at some of their other job descriptions to see how they compared.
  • Their VP Product JD is an essay on how they organise product
  • Their Engineering Lead JD zeroes in on developer culture
  • This Employee Experience JD is looking for someone that’s ‘patient like a kindergarten teacher’!? 🚩
Apart from the last one, Pleo are putting a lot of time into writing these job descriptions, and it’s a really refreshing break from the standard Company Boilerplate > We Need These Skills > Our Legally Obligated Benefits template you see everywhere else.
Candidates learn about who they’ll be working with and not just for, what the team will look like in six months, and what they’ll do from day-to-day.
For serious candidates, applying for a job is a big deal, and this level of detail gives them so much more confidence to apply.
Practical, values-focused details like this really help with that too:
Why spend so much time on a JD?
Pleo’s JDs mean they punch significantly harder in the scrap for talent.
SaaS is a candidate’s market right now, but lots of companies still push vague job descriptions to every corner of the internet with the aim of attracting hundreds of applications.
Instead, do what Pleo do, and think small. Are you speaking directly to the person you want to hire? If you’re not sure, maybe you need a clearer idea of who that is - they’ll have a clear idea of where they want to work!
Ask the team they’ll be working with about the future hire’s personality, interests, and what’s likely to be important to them.
Stick that in the JD brief, send to a proper copywriter, and you’re off.
👉 Over to you
Thanks for reading! Now you’re done there are two ways you can help. Either would be amazing.
  1. Forward it on to someone who you think would like it
  2. Reply and let me know what you thought of it
Until next time!
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Alan Wanders
Alan Wanders

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