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Freelance Content Multitool... or Spanner? 🔧

Alan Wanders
Alan Wanders
Welcome / welcome back,
Know a fair chunk of you are content freelancers so this one’s for you.
I got stuck thinking about what I should be working on long-term the other day, and it finally occurred to me that, outside of full-time employment (or the job centre), if you want careers advice you need to go looking for it.
So I found a mentorship platform for growth businesses and got in touch with Oren, who runs a growth marketing agency called Kurve.
I was hoping he could help me scale my freelance content business.

— Question thy motives —
Why ‘scale?’, he asked.
I didn’t really have a good answer. I was just using start-up language because that’s how I thought I should think. ‘Me scale, Me scale’, I kept repeating like a Business Furby.
After flicking off-on, I managed to say that I wanted to ‘find interesting work’, and ‘work with a team that allows me to make more impact than I would on my own’.
Hmm. Then I talked through what I was working on.
— Decide upon thy niche —
‘You’re trying to do too much’, he said.
I agreed. I work with B2B SaaS businesses to grow revenue with content.
Not long ago that sounded pretty niche to me, but in reality, all these businesses need different types of content. Figuring out what exactly and then actually doing it works great for early-stage start-ups, but any bigger and time pressures mean I’d always be second-best to a full-time employee.
As I tried to take on more complex clients, I was trying harder and harder to be a freelance content multitool, but maybe that just makes me… a spanner?
So what should I do instead?
— Productise thyself —
‘Package up your service more clearly,’ Oren said.
I had tried to do this before, as a one-shot PR pitch, and found it extremely boring. I knew I didn’t want to do exactly the same thing over and over again.
But that’s not really what productise means, is it? Productise just means making your pricing and outcome clearer than a standard consulting fee. It means attracting lots of a certain type of client, and then working with whoever best fits the bill, probably at a higher rate.
That sounds nice. I came away with a clearer idea of what to do next.
Hopefully, you found this helpful too. If you’re figuring out how to scale yourself / business, I’d recommend speaking to Oren yourself, here’s his profile on GrowthMentor.
See you again in a couple of weeks!
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Alan Wanders
Alan Wanders

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