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Welcome - Issue #1

Greetings, my Friend!

Almost 20 years ago, I got a book on HTML and fell in love with the Web.
It was only that one book and me. No YouTube, Twitter, or other sources. I read it countless times and created web pages for everything you could imagine.
It’s not easy to get started and improve as a developer these days.
The number of choices you have vastly increased, making it more complicated to decide which path to pick or what to do next.
Some fantastic people help the community by giving priceless advice and creating awesome resources.
I’d like to give even more exposure to these people and bring closer the best resources to Web Developers.
Every week, you’ll get an email about:
  • Remote work
  • Web Development
  • Other Programming & career-related topics
  • What I’m working on
They’ll contain Tweets, links to blog posts, YouTube videos, and my thoughts.
In the next issue, I’ll present to you the structure of my upcoming course. It’ll be about testing JavaScript code.
In the upcoming issues, I’ll share all the resources I used to learn about course creation - just in case if you’re wondering about doing something similar. :)
Let this newsletter be a two-way communication so feel free to hit that reply button if you have a question or you would like to open a discussion.
Thank you for subscribing. 🙇‍♂️
- Akos
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