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Akos' Weekly Hash - Livestreaming #3

Livestreaming and Limits

Streaming is fun!
Two weeks ago I was streaming for four days in a row, for about 3 hours a day. This was besides my full-time job, so it was about 11h coding, and non-stop talking for 3 hours straight during the stream.
I wanted to stream on the fifth day as well but I started feeling sick and I couldn’t look any longer at my monitor. I was completely exhausted.
Nonetheless, streaming was a great experience for me for a few reasons:
You’ve got to work on problems in a collaborative manner.
My chat is full of great engineers @SuhailKakar is always part of my streams, last time I was doing some Web3.0 stuff @mudrankgupta also joined and helped us out with a ton of great resources.
You learn a lot.
One of my streams was an attempt to create a smart contract and setup up a Web3.0 (yay hype) environment in my VSCode.
I was doing this for the first time so the stream is almost 3 hours long, but it was fun, challenging, and thought me numerous things, most importantly:
When you do something live, you just gotta know what you’re doing.
For a really long time, I had this idea that I could stream about something that I don’t know yet and kind of learn it with the viewers.
This doesn’t really work. First, because there will be someone in the channel who knows all this stuff and they’ll try to help you - which is completely fine - except that we learn differently, and our minds make different connections.
It’s not enough to have an end goal in mind, but you have to know at least the basics of what you’re doing.
You might think, oh yeah, this was a completely stupid idea anyway. 😂
Maybe, but I wanted to try it out.
I’m not exactly sure when I’m doing this again.
I would love to but definitely can’t do it for more consecutive days.
Once I have a streaming schedule, I’ll have it with you as well!
All my streams are recorded (except the first one because I didn’t know how to save the recording lol) 👇
Thank you for sticking with my newsletter!
In the next issue, I’ll be writing about why I still feel like an amateur and the power behind that.
Happy weekend and see you in the next one ✌️
- Akos
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