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Akira's Machine Learning News - Issue #32


Akira's Machine Learning News

October 17 · Issue #32 · View online

I introduce articles and papers related to machine learning every week. I also publish monthly and semi-annual summaries of the most influential research in that period.

Featured Paper/News in This Week.
  • Methods to improve the performance of zero-shot inference have been presented. Since GPT-3 zero-shot inference is used in many applications, any improvement in the performance of zero-shot inference may have a significant social impact.
In the following sections, I will introduce various articles and papers not only on the above contents but also on the following five topics.
  1. Featured Paper/News in This Week
  2. Machine Learning Use Case
  3. Papers
  4. Articles related to machine learning technology
1. Featured Paper/News in This Week
Improved performance of zero-shot inference by fine-tuning using templates.
2. Machine Learning use case
AI and Rights
Massive Disinformation through Large-Scale Language Models
3. Machine Learning Papers
The state of ML outside of Big Tech
GAN rendering does not depend on the absolute coordinates of pixels.
VAE to learn causality of latent variables
A method that can equally attack each class in object detection
A DeepFake detection method that prevents overfitting by looking at the entire face
4. Technical Articles
AI in 2021
Comparison of BigTransforer and CLIP
5. Other Topics
Google Lens will be soon available for Google Chrome!
Inspiration can strike at any time. ⚡ Soon you'll be able to use #GoogleLens to instantly search for products within images while browsing on the Google app on iPhone. And psst… Lens is coming to Chrome on desktop too 👀 #SearchOn
Other Blogs
Machine Learning 2020 summary: 84 interesting papers/articles | by Akihiro FUJII | Towards Data Science
Recent Developments and Views on Computer Vision x Transformer | by Akihiro FUJII | Towards Data Science
Reach and Limits of the Supermassive Model GPT-3 | by Akihiro FUJII | Analytics Vidhya | Medium
Do Vision Transformers See Like Convolutional Neural Networks? (Paper Explained) | by Akihiro FUJII | Oct, 2021 | Towards Data Science
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Manufacturing Engineer/Machine Learning Engineer/Data Scientist / Master of Science in Physics /
Twitter, I post one-sentence paper commentary.
Soft teacher, a semi-supervised End-to-end object detection method, is proposed with a simple mechanism using two networks: a teacher model and a student model.
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