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Akash's Newsletter - Issue #15 - Leader's key to success is preparation

Akash Bhattacharya
Akash Bhattacharya
Hey Friends
Happy New Year 2022
I published my first #ship30by30 atomic essay this evening.
Start with “why” – Leadership is managing change. If nothing were changing, the autopilot would suffice.
Managing change requires self-management. The key to that is preparation.
  • Communicate clearly what you intend to accomplish and how to accomplish it. Feedback is essential, so be open to it, and process it accordingly.
  • Prepare by inspecting your options
  • Simply adjust your solution accordingly. Rinse and repeat.
You can read more details here
Live your Ikigai. Have a great week ahead.

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My latest article is going “nearly” viral with 2K views -
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As product maintenance manager, this is my life.
Shreyas Doshi
The real hard work starts after the launch. Few understand this.
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Another Log4j Update - It Really Is As Bad As They Said
Another Log4j Update - It Really Is As Bad As They Said
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Akash Bhattacharya
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