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Why Wordpress beats other blogging platforms hands-down, including Hashnode

Tomiwa .J. Akanbi
Tomiwa .J. Akanbi
I looked at the results of my last poll.
Many of my subscribers on this platform do not own a WordPress blog.
I don’t know why, but registering for my emails about WordPress shows that you have an interest in WordPress.
So I will show you today why I chose WordPress 7 years ago, and why I keep choosing WordPress over other fast-rising blogging platforms.

Because I decided to make this a short newsletter, I will not go into too many details. Your time is precious and I do not love the concept of wasting time.
You will not only have an idea about WordPress is number 1, in my ranking of the best blogging platforms after this read, but your taste would also rise- so that you will see the need to make the decision soon.
I might sound overexcited at any point in this mail- it is because I love WordPress. I would like to therefore state clearly-
I am not being paid for this newsletter. This mail is my unbiased opinion, based on 7 years of experience.
Back to what I was saying,
Why is WordPress a very good blogging platform? Wait- it is important that you know that I am referring to self-hosted WordPress blogs, not the free and funny-looking blogs available on In the next issue of this newsletter, I will explain the differences between the two.
Now, why I love WordPress (the top 9 reasons):
  1. You can control the design (look and feel) of your WordPress website
  2. You can install custom themes
  3. You can place manual ads on your WordPress blog
  4. You can apply for ad programs that will pay you handsomely in exchange for the attention of your large audience
  5. You can make many tweaks and edits to your blog, using plugins, like adding a dark mode switch, making your menu full-screen, using a VR plugin, and so on.
  6. You can own an e-commerce store on WordPress and have TOTAL control over it- from the design to functionality to security
  7. You can hide the plugins and themes you use from prying eyes
  8. You can edit high-level files to boost your SEO, like .htaccess, robots.txt, and your sitemap.
  9. You can make your Wordpress website ANYTHING- a church website, voting platform, a Learning Management system, a dating website, a property listing website and so on. ANYTHING!
Uh. This is getting long o.
I will be back next time with the Differences between Self-Hosted WordPress and free WordPress.
Did you enjoy the newsletter? Let me know.
Feel free to reach me with questions you might have, by replying this mail, or tweeting at me!
One more thing, I made a Youtube Video on How to Make Money Online.
Enjoy your week. Go beyond your limits this week!
Love and Light, from Tomjoe!
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Tomiwa .J. Akanbi
Tomiwa .J. Akanbi @akanbitomjoe

Retired Frontend web developer, talented WordPress + SEO guru. successful entrepreneur and Founder of

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