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Why Did You Start Learning WordPress? Here's how to monetize!

Tomiwa .J. Akanbi
Tomiwa .J. Akanbi
I don’t even know how to start this email, but permit me to say Hello.
This year is about to end in a few days, and I am about to have a serious conversation with you. If you are patient enough, a major part of your 2022 will make sense!

So remember when you said you wanted to learn WordPress? Time is going o- Considering the fact that no subscriber on this email list is less than a month old - on this journey.
So you may have wanted to learn WordPress for various reasons - maybe you wanted to build your own well-established blog, or you wanted to freelance with your WordPress skills- or whatever your plan was, it is time to re-evaluate.
2022 is almost here, and frankly, making x10 of what I made this year is one of my goals. But for someone who wants to start learning WordPress, it can be your reality too..
  1. Start a WordPress blog: It doesn’t matter the point in your learning process that you are. I have a detailed guide on how to build one from scratch. All you need is approximately twenty thousand Nigerian Naira (which is around $40) in the domain name and hosting costs. You can even get Namecheap discounts here.
  2. Start that blog. Sorry that I had to write it again, but running a WordPress site on a Wamp server or using a free WordPress site does not cut it out. You just have to start something REAL! Once you start it before the end of December, by January, the blog you built would have been one month old!
  3. Invest in Learning: I am currently making materials that I will release next year that will helo your journey into WordPress. There are so many useful resources out there too- just start.
For the records, your WordPress goals become impossible, until you START. You can then monetize your blog after some time by:
  1. Google Adsense
  2. Displaying Ad banners
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Paid Guest Posting slots
  5. And so on.
I want the best for you! Let’s grow in 2022!
Your friend,
Tomjoe, the WordPress Master.
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Tomiwa .J. Akanbi
Tomiwa .J. Akanbi @akanbitomjoe

Retired Frontend web developer, talented WordPress + SEO guru. successful entrepreneur and Founder of

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