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The Best Way to Learn and Understand WordPress

Tomiwa .J. Akanbi
Tomiwa .J. Akanbi
WordPress is an amazing piece of tech. I mean, with WordPress, you can create amazing landing pages, online stores, websites, or even an LMS for your online quizzes or tests.
But for a beginner, everything might appear scary. So how do you go from being a newbie to a WordPress expert like me?

There’s absolutely nothing I cannot build using WordPress, and if you want to learn how to use WordPress like me, I will show you the best learning path today!
I will not waste your time, I usually prefer to be as blunt as possible!
The Best Way to Learn WordPress is By Having a WordPress Website Yourself
There are reasons why you should have your own WordPress website, and they are:
  1. Having your own WordPress website will allow you to test-run everything about WordPress - themes, plugins, what have you
  2. Having your own WordPress website will give you an opportunity to even learn SEO
  3. Having your own WordPress website gives you the opportunity to make money online by blogging
There are so many reasons. But this is what worked for me.
I didn’t just launch out of the blues. I have had different WordPress websites in the past, and all of them are inactive now:
Now, I have learned so much. Because I have been able to experiment over the years.
Tomorrow, I will send you an email about how you can get your own Premium WordPress website for as cheap as possible, as well as how to set it up for free. By the way, I am not talking about the annoying free version of WordPress.
WordPress blogs are nice, in fact, I have a category on my blog where you can learn WordPress and SEO, but unless you practice, you will be far from perfect.
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Tomiwa .J. Akanbi
Tomiwa .J. Akanbi @akanbitomjoe

Retired Frontend web developer, talented WordPress + SEO guru. successful entrepreneur and Founder of

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