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I've had six blogs now and Here's What I've Learnt!

Tomiwa .J. Akanbi
Tomiwa .J. Akanbi
Yesterday, I promised you this mail (on my Twitter profile). So today, I’m writing to you, sharing most of the most important lessons I’ve learnt about WordPress and Blogging since 2015.

Hi 😊. My name is Tomjoe and I’m a lot of things. One that you should not easily forget is I’m a WordPress guru. The original purpose of this mailing list is to make you one, too. Here’s a way of compressing the many things I’ve learnt over the years. Now, sit tight, it’s going to be a nice ride.
Why and When Did I Start Blogging
WORDPRESS vs Other Blogging Platforms - My  Honest Opinion #shorts
WORDPRESS vs Other Blogging Platforms - My Honest Opinion #shorts
I started blogging in late 2015, and I started with two blogs. One of them was hosted on the free Blogspot domain and it was a tech blog.
My First Blog
It used to be and it was basically free. I neither had my own domain name, nor hosting. Maybe if I knew that you can buy a domain name for as low as 99 cents, I would have given it a thought.
How was the traffic like?
Of course, it wasn’t easy in the first month. But after then, the traffic skyrocketed! I started getting international exposure, as smart guys from India and the US were interested in what I was writing. It was a tech blog where I basically uploaded cracked apps, reviewed phones, and shared my opinions on new tech. Maybe I’ll still run a tech blog soon, or maybe not.
It was the perfect space for affiliate marketing and add serving. But I didn’t have the knowledge that I do now. So, I never earned a dime from it.
My Second Blog
My second blog was another attempt at blogging. It was a blog I created to tell more people about Jesus, and it was hosted on the free WordPress (or platform. I did not buy a Domain name or hosting. In fact, it is still live today!
Did I make it grow? No, I doubt. I know that I’ll read its contents one day, make edits and work on them. But it would have been perfect and well established if I had invested more into it.
There was no monetization method in view, so I had to quit the project as I was getting gradually broke. I was running out of time and money. So, I had to be ‘sharp’.
My Third Blog
This is where things get interesting hahaha. I bought my first domain name and web hosting!
My first domain name purchase
My first domain name purchase
My first web hosting purchase
My first web hosting purchase
If you’d ask me now, I’ll say I was very serious. As you can see, I paid for both the Domain Name and web hosting- and the web hosting service was renewed every month for $9.99. At that point, I was not aware of Namecheap’s Affordable web hosting service, and it was a really big deal back then. I would save and save to afford it.
Because it cost me to keep the blog alive, I put in more work than previous blogs. I posted everyday and grew a large following. In fact, I got approved into the Google Adsense program, and everything was going very fine until I clicked on my own Ads repeatedly. I was broke, and I noticed that I could not withdraw my current earnings from Adsense till they cross the $100 threshold. So one day, I foolishly clicked on my own ads repeatedly in an attempt to fast-track the process, until I got a very sad mail the next day that I got suspended from the Adsense program.
I was broken. Was very sad that a moment of greed ruined all the work that I had been doing. So, my commitment to that blog had a gradual death. But the passion was still there.
The Fourth Blog
So, I closed that one too. I bought a new domain and started working on it. The new domain was, a little variant of the .com domain name. I became consistent with that one and the only difference was basically a domain name. I applied for Adsense and got in (haha). I had to start from scratch and of course, the idea to cheat never crossed my mind again.
What led to the death of that blog was that I got very busy with school and could not continue. Peep into some of my headlines back then:
Fifth Blog
I run an educational blog- hosted on Blogspot. That one is doing very well and is Adsense approved.
Sixth Blog I started in June 2020 - in the middle of a pandemic, and I must say that it has been an exciting ride.
If you read this far, you tried. Kudos to you. Please head on to my Tweet and comment. Let me know one lesson you learnt.
Have a nice day. Very soon, you know far more than I do!
Before I say goodbye, I would like to know. Do you have a current blog or WordPress website? Do you have plans to expand or monetize? Have you applied for Adsense? Let me know you better. All you need to do is to just reply to this mail!
Have an amazing day ahead. Byee!
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Tomiwa .J. Akanbi
Tomiwa .J. Akanbi @akanbitomjoe

Retired Frontend web developer, talented WordPress + SEO guru. successful entrepreneur and Founder of

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