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Here is How to Make Your Wordpress Blog to Rise Again.

Tomiwa .J. Akanbi
Tomiwa .J. Akanbi
Fantastic hey, I’m not going to lie to you. Your WordPress blog needs to rise again. Here is how you can get started with that!

As an SEO Master, I have heard a quote over and over again:
The best place to hide a dead body is in the second place of Google search results.
This is true, because unless you are doing some academic research, what would you be doing on Page 2 or any other page of search engine results (lol), nothing.
There are so many websites online, hey. Your blog is just one of them.
In fact, you might have wrongly assumed that Google doesn’t index your blog post, only to search for them and you will see it when you do something like this:
While I have no problem with searching for your blog post or website on SERPs (Search engine result pages), it makes no sense.
It does not make sense because a random person will not search that way.
He or she will probably just search for “how to start a business with little money”, or “How a broke person can start a business”, and if your website is very unlucky, it would not be on the first page and no one will read it.
The social media traffic is sweet. Marketing is great. I love marketing.
But unless you understand the basics of SEO, your blog will be on the life support of Social Media Traffic or ad traffic.
I feel like I just spoke to you, hey. You relate to what I said.
This is Easter. Your blog can rise again.
I have been into SEO and WordPress for about 7 years and there is something your favorite marketers won’t tell you. I will say it here sha.
I have a friend who had a blog about three years ago. His name is Ola. At that time, he was about 9 years old. He was also a WordPress developer and he was making sweet dollars from his blog.
He had one key. CONSISTENCY.
Ola was a very consistent blogger. I don’t know where he got the energy from, but he enjoyed blogging. He devoted time to regularly push out fresh content. He was even making grammatical blunders. When he was advised, he started using Grammarly spellchecker. That took his blog to a new level entirely.
I was teaching him at that point but he was earning times 2 of what I was earning at that time. Crazy, isn’t it?
So that’s it for today. lol, I actually poured out my heart to today’s letter, hey. If you do not implement these lessons, I will bite you (just kidding).
Have a great week. Implement consistency and improve when you notice loopholes. I wish you the very best!
Lest I forget, if you are business-minded, you should always read my blog.
I plan to have Wordpress classes later this year. There will be a free one and about 3 paid classes. Get ready to invest. I can’t wait to see monetized bloggers rise from this network.
If you ask questions, just tweet at me or send me a DM.
Tomjoe Baba.
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Tomiwa .J. Akanbi
Tomiwa .J. Akanbi @akanbitomjoe

Retired Frontend web developer, talented WordPress + SEO guru. successful entrepreneur and Founder of

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