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Avoid this Wordpress mistake my friend made yesterday

Tomiwa .J. Akanbi
Tomiwa .J. Akanbi
Hello, my dear friend let me share something with you.
Everybody using WordPress knows that a WordPress blog can be supercharged when the right plugins are installed, right?
Not many people talk about how harmful or dangerous a wrong plugin could be.
Because what I am talking about is not my blog, I will not be able to attach screenshots or be extremely detailed. But I will tell you what happened anyway.
A friend of mine called me yesterday that he noticed some new stuff on his WordPress dashboard. I was kinda confused because only two people have access to that website- the site’s owner and myself.
To cut the long story short, he saw a plugin that looked attractive- the plugin was supposedly meant to convert his posts to audio! Guess what? The plugin started modifying parts of his website (I hope he is not on this list, so he doesn’t call me today and get scared).
I stepped into the dashboard and because I didn’t have time to properly debug on the spot, I disabled all his plugins and enabled them one by one till I got to the malicious plugin. Now it has been deleted.
Be very careful about what you install on your WordPress blog. You could give hackers backdoor access. Also, be wary of using nulled products.
This might save someone. This will save you someday.
Happy WordPress+ing!
With much love, from Tomiwa.

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Tomiwa .J. Akanbi
Tomiwa .J. Akanbi @akanbitomjoe

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