Adrien Joly

Every week, I share a side-project I made in 1 day.

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Jekyll makes it fun to craft static websites ⛏

As I've been doing some hard-core back-end tasks at work (i.e. developing a distributed web crawler in Node.js and deploying it on Google Kubernetes Engine), I enjoy experimenting with pure front-end sites when I have some spare time.


🗒DIY lists using Jekyll and Github Pages, a step-by-step tutorial

👋 Hi there!Two weeks ago, I shared album-shelf, a DIY collection of music albums developed from scratch in a few hours, using Jekyll and Github Pages.Now I'm sharing the process of making it.


Adrien Joly - Jekyll as a replacement of Spotify

Hi there!As I had forecasted, my new job has been very demanding in terms of time and energy, so I invested more time maintaining my existing side projects (e.g. Openwhyd, Next Step for Trello, js-test, pdfreader...) rather than creating new ones.That being s…


🎀 No more time to ship my product ideas => please steal them!

On Monday, I'm starting my new job! 💼Because I will probably not have much time left to ship new products anymore, let me give you...


🤖 My student evaluation software is now open-source!

As I'm getting ready for my new full-time job (starting in November 6th), I'm using my free time to tidy up and release all my projects. 💎


🎵 My vision for Openwhyd 2.0, and how you can help

These days, I've been putting my projects in order, and promoting my skills to potential employers. (more on that soon)I hear you say "Which projects, specifically?" 🤔"Openwhyd," I proudly reply! 😎Yes, the less viable and riskiest of all my projects is the on…


👻 7 principles I wish I knew before quitting my job

👋 Hi!This week, I published a new article about the things I learnt while launching my own products (i.e. not just developing the software):- Users are not unthankful. They are desperate.- Give before expecting to cash in.- Monetising a product takes more tha…


📋 One year shipping products. The list.

As promised last week, here is the list of all the projects I worked on from August 2016 to August 2017 (a.k.a. my "indie hacker" period):


🚚 12 months shipping my own projects. A retrospective.

This issue is special.This issue puts an end to 1 year of taking my side-projects more seriously. Of trying to turn those side-projects into real products, with real customers, who (hopefully) pay for them.If you want to know more about what I shipped as a "I…


✈️ Shipping projects + fun weekend before leaving

Yep. Next Wednesday, we're leaving for an epic 3-week trip to the US (including Burning Man)! 🔥So this week was a good time to finish projects and enjoy my last week of full-time fun! When I return, I will invest more time working for clients, so it was impor…


🚀 Power-up on its way to Trello, and WIP community!

Over the last 10 days, I was supposed to chill with my family in the south of France. I did, but I also did not! 🙃


🔋 Working on a new productivity add-on for Trello

Hi, friends!Today, I'd like to tease you about a new productivity add-on I'm working on: Trello Outliner.(play the video below to see what it is about)


👯 Robots are now checking for regressions!

After so much prospection and socialising -- being an introvert, it's not my cup of tea -- I had been waiting for some Friday fun: coding!And I must say that the feeling of solving a challenge at the end of the week is pretty awesome!


🐝 Let's make it easier for contributors!

This week I spent a lot of time communicating about my product for teachers, but that's not the topic I want to talk about today.It's also been a week of transition. A transition from a "let me handle this" posture, towards a "you can do it, it's easy!" postu…


🕵 Steady progress and good surprises!

The chance of receiving a good surprise or opportunity is a tremendous incentive to keep our eyes on our inboxes and notifications.This happened several times to me, in the past few days, and it convinced me that hard work always pays, in the end! 💪


Broken cars and life choices 🤔

The last two weeks have been quite odd.My parents visited us for a few days. My car broke. Then, I ended up spending way too much time dealing with emails, maintenance of side projects, and thinking about life choices......instead of prospecting clients for m…


🤖 Robots for students + Openwhyd on opencollective + Inbox fun

👋 Coucou!Between two 🍻 beers, and emailing prospects, I've spent quite a lot of time crafting exciting stuff this week!...well, at least it's exciting for me! 🤓


🛳 Permalinks in Google Inbox + plans for Openwhyd and JS-Exam

👋🤓 Hi!As some of you may know:- We successfully launched our MOOC on Udemy, this Monday, 🚀- Mathieu, Jérémie and I decided to stop collaborating on the development of our productivity app "New Day". We opened its source code there.Here are a few more news I'd…


🚀 A free MOOC + a Chrome Extension + an article on Medium

👋🤓 Hi!This week was a busy one! Here's a quick recap:


🚀 How I made "Next Step for Trello" 10x faster + news

👋🤓 Hi! Long time no see!Today, I'm very happy because I made "Next Step for Trello" much much faster, by reducing the number of API requests from 1 per card to 1 per board! (for more technical info: Github)...and I did it live on Twitch+Youtube+LiveEdu. 🤘Her…