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👯 Robots are now checking for regressions!


Adrien Joly

June 30 · Issue #33 · View online

Every week, I share a side-project I made in 1 day.

After so much prospection and socialising – being an introvert, it’s not my cup of tea – I had been waiting for some Friday fun: coding!
And I must say that the feeling of solving a challenge at the end of the week is pretty awesome!

1. Robots helping humans not break Openwhyd
This is how I'm feeling right now!
This is how I'm feeling right now!
After several hours of reading, watching, Twitter discussions, and experiments, I finally figured out how to run visual regression and acceptance tests on Openwhyd, using, mocha and Travis CI.
If you are clueless about what you just read, it’s basically a way to make sure that people who want to contribute to Openwhyd can’t break anything on the site without being warned. It works as a script that controls a Google Chrome browser to simulate the behaviour of a (human) visitor on the website, and make sure that everything works as expected after a change in Openwhyd’s source code.
In a nutshell, it’ll make it easier for volunteers to contribute, as I explained in last week’s issue.
Now, if you do understand what I’m talking about, and are curious of how I did it, then check out this pull-request.
2. Progress on my student evaluation business
Now, for the non-coding part of this issue, I also have some good news:
- I have now gathered 3 teachers who are interested for testing my product in the following weeks. Finally, I’m seeing some external interest!
- Also, I’m getting a lot of help from people of various expertise: a business developer (François), a developer (Vincent), a lawyer (Mathilde), an entrepreneur (Jean-Baptiste). Thank you, I’m very grateful for that! 🙌
That’s it for today, it’s now time for me to go see a few amazing short films with Camille, and spend the weekend with my friend Julien!
Have a wonderful week-end, and talk to you soon!
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