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🛳 Permalinks in Google Inbox + plans for Openwhyd and JS-Exam


Adrien Joly

May 5 · Issue #28 · View online

Every week, I share a side-project I made in 1 day.

👋🤓 Hi!
As some of you may know:
- We successfully launched our MOOC on Udemy, this Monday, 🚀
- Mathieu, Jérémie and I decided to stop collaborating on the development of our productivity app “New Day”. We opened its source code there.
Here are a few more news I’d like to share with you:

1. Made a new Chrome Extension for Inbox, in 1 hour
Permalinks for Google Inbox - Product Hunt
I was frustrated of not being able to get the permalink/URL of my emails from Google Inbox, so I quickly crafted a Chrome Extension that adds this possibility. 💪
You can install it for free by clicking the link above, check out its source code there, and watch how I made in on Youtube.
2. Plans for Openwhyd (tl;dr: I need your help!)
We just need 4 more stars ⭐️ to reach 100!
We just need 4 more stars ⭐️ to reach 100!
As you know, we open-sourced the product I had built with my ex-startup Whyd, last summer, in order to keep it online. Whyd has been paying for hosting over the last 9 months, but now we have to find another way.
My plan is to get Openwhyd on Opencollective, a crowdfunding site for open-source projects, in order to ease donations and sponsoring. To apply, we need 100 stars on our Github repo, and we’re almost there! 🙏
So, if you have a Github account, please go to our repo, and give us a star!
3. New main project: find clients (teachers) for JS-Exam
JS-Exam, a toolset I built to save hours evaluating and grading my students' code
JS-Exam, a toolset I built to save hours evaluating and grading my students' code
Over my almost-two-years of teaching, I’ve developed and tested a toolset to save hours evaluating and grading the 85 students’ code of my JavaScript class.
Now that my collaborative projects are over, I intend to commercialise this software. So I’m spending some time learning about of to find prospects and turn them into clients. 💼
If you know any teacher, school, or educational organisation who would be interested in evaluating students more efficiently with multiple choice questions and student-submitted JavaScript code, please let me know!
That’s it for this week!
Now, I’m gonna learn how to set bigger goals to myself with Sean Wes and how to re-program my beliefs with Tony Robbins!
Have a great week end! 😎
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