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🚀 How I made "Next Step for Trello" 10x faster + news


Adrien Joly

April 14 · Issue #26 · View online

Every week, I share a side-project I made in 1 day.

👋🤓 Hi! Long time no see!
Today, I’m very happy because I made “Next Step for Trellomuch much faster, by reducing the number of API requests from 1 per card to 1 per board! (for more technical info: Github)
…and I did it live on Twitch+Youtube+LiveEdu. 🤘
Here is the video recording:

Refactor API calls of Next Step for Trello 2/2
Yeah, I know… I had planned to not work on this side project anymore, as I had failed to create income out of it.
But a few reasons made me change my mind:
- I’m going to present it in the Trello meetup in Paris, next month;
- Last week, someone from Trello HQ kindly contacted me to give a few hints on how to reduce the number of API requests;
- …and it’s been lagging for me too, lately! (how sad, for a productivity tool!)
There is also another reason, which is good news: my new productivity products (“New Day” and “Clear”, more on that soon!) are currently being alpha-tested, so I’m taking some time off.
What else has been going on?
- I wrote the story of Openwhyd on Medium. (spoiler: it was initially a weird start-up product, back in 2010)
- I told my friends to quit donating on my Patreon page, because I’m not going to invest more effort into promoting it. I’d rather invest time selling my student evaluation software. (see my previous issue about that)
- With my band, we published two music videos: Tierra and Attiéké.
That’s it for now!
Don’t forget to say hi, I don’t bite! ^^
Have a great week-end!
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