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👻 7 principles I wish I knew before quitting my job


Adrien Joly

October 6 · Issue #39 · View online

Every week, I share a side-project I made in 1 day.

👋 Hi!
This week, I published a new article about the things I learnt while launching my own products (i.e. not just developing the software):
- Users are not unthankful. They are desperate.
- Give before expecting to cash in.
- Monetising a product takes more than visibility.
- Marketing: “everybody” is not a target.
- Wording: use keywords that your target searches for.
- When in doubt: avoid regret, take risks.
- Flow: be productive to a point, spend 80% of time doing things you enjoy
If you want to know more about these tips, and what led me to these conclusions, read this:

What I learned while working as an indie developer for 2 years
Hope you enjoyed it! 😊
Also, those of you who teach may be interested to know that I just released one of the tools I’ve made to grade my students’ code efficiently: classroom-submissions-to-pdf.
Have a great weekend!
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