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Confidence, goals, and feeling useless

Yesterday, I announced the new live session happening tonight (29 Nov 2022) at 10PM MYT. The topic is about whether or not you need a house and a car in order to get married. The session will be in Malay, and it will be live. Register here.And now, on to this…


Turning anything into a career, making curiosity the default, and educating naturally

3 Ideas from MeI."If you can find a problem you can solve really well, then there is an opportunity for you to turn that into a career."II."Be curious. Not judgmental."III."Our job is not to make a tree grow faster. Our job is to provide the best environment …


My wife is indeed my partner

Yesterday we had an open day at my kindergarten. An open day is when parents who haven’t registered can come to experience the place hands on. They can come see the place and ask questions. So as you can imagine, it is an all-day affair and you have to be on …


Nak Kahwin, Tapi Tak Pernah Cakap Dengan Lelaki

Nurul tak pernah bercakap dengan lelaki. Apabila umurnya mencecah 24, dia sudah mula berfikir untuk memulakan hubungan yang serius dengan satu matlamat: perkahwinan.Tapi, dia tak tahu nak mula dari mana.Selama ini tidak pernah dia praktis bagaimana untuk berk…


I gave one marriage advice to my friend…

…“Don’t lose yourself.”I’m 32 this year, and I got married when I was 23. That’s only 8 years of marriage experience, and plus I am young. So I am fully aware of my age and the naivety that comes with it.With that awareness in mind, I wrote this blog post dow…


Saya confess, dia cakap, “Kita kawan dulu lah.”

Salah seorang follower saya beritahu bahawa setelah dia confess kepada seorang lelaki tentang niatnya untuk serius ke arah perkahwinan, begini respond lelaki tersebut:“Eh, macam laju sangat lah. Saya ni bukan baik pun. Saya takut awak expect saya ustaz, padah…