Super Astrolabe

Who’s Aidan Moher?

That’s me. I’ve been writing about science fiction and fantasy for over a decade—first as the founder and editor of A Dribble of Ink, which won a Hugo Award in 2014, and more recently as a freelance writer with sites like, Kotaku, VentureBeat, Insert Cartridge, and EGM. You can also find me on Twitter: @adribbleofink.

What’s Astrolabe?

Astrolabe is my irregular newsletter covering all the stuff I love—from science fiction and fantasy to retro gaming and personal news about my work.

What’ll I get?

Astrolabe is the place to get the latest updates about my work, and also a bunch of regular columns covering SFF:

  • Out & About is where I highlight my work around the web—some recent and some old favourites.
  • LTTP stands for “Late to the Party” and is a regular column where I let Twitter decide on a retro game, then I play it for an hour and give my impressions. Do your worst, Twitter!
  • Recommended Reads gathers together my favourite books and explains why you need to read them. Now!
  • Quest Markers is a collection of the coolest stuff I’ve read around the web lately.

You’ll also get a bunch of other goodies, like story and book excerpts, interviews, essays, reviews, etc.

Okay, you got me, how do I subscribe?

It’s easy! You can subscribe using the form below.

Sweet! Now what?

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What they're saying

“Astrolabe has launched and is very worth your time. It's Aidan to the core — full of enthusiasm, perception and insight.” - Hugo Finalist Alasdair Stuart, The Full Lid - 14th August 2020 

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