Startups & Business Edition - KO #61





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Ahmed El-Sharkasy

November 15 · Issue #61 · View online

Separating Knowledge from Noise!

Understanding Startup Investments | FundersClub
Too Many Startups Like Playing Startup
Founders: Don't Worry About When You Raise - Mattermark
Status meetings are the scourge – Signal v. Noise
How We're Thinking About Pricing
How to Hire Great People – Startup Grind – Medium
Clayton Christensen, the father of disruptive innovation theory, has a new theory about "jobs to be done" — Quartz
How to De-Risk a Startup · Coding VC
Employee Engagement Ideas: Creating a Magnetic Culture
A Dozen Things I’ve Learned about Multi-sided Markets (Platforms) | 25iq
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