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It's the End of the World as We Know it | AgilityThink #113

Each week brings up new challenges (and opportunities). I don't know about you. My husband and I want
It's the End of the World as We Know it | AgilityThink #113
By Marti Konstant • Issue #113 • View online
Each week brings up new challenges (and opportunities).
I don’t know about you. My husband and I want to get out of town. However, the rest of the world has closed their doors to the country with the largest number of COVID cases. Yikes!
Heck, Chicago has technically closed its doors to other states and cities, and is also requiring a 14-day quarantine. Not certain how that is enforced. We will staycation for a few days in the next few weeks.
What is that Sucking Noise?
Some jobs are vanishing.
The words of the REM song, “It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine),” are playing in my head. Except most people don’t feel fine.
If you have a job, you are worried about keeping it. Having a job is now considered a safety net.
If you have been furloughed by a failing employer, you are looking for work and considering upskilling or reskilling to remain competitive in the job market.
There is abundant uncertainty in the world of work. Even the most resilient among us are disarmed by the current events caused by COVID-19 and wonder what to do next.
The reality is it’s difficult to plan when workplace variables are unstable. Like your quest for stability on a boat or a ship in choppy water, it’s a challenge to find your balance when the boat rocks erratically.
As Nicholas Bloom, Economics Professor from Stanford says,
“Looking through history at previous recessions, often these temporary layoffs unfortunately turn out to be permanent. Our best guess is something like 60% of the employment reduction is going to be temporary, and 40% is going to be permanent.“
—Becker Friedman Institute, University of Chicago
I’ve noticed a big change in inquiries about my work on agility. My career agility seminars and workshops are being tapped by organizations and educational institutions as a framework for dealing with the hyper pace of change. People want to know how to move forward when change and uncertainty are frequent companions in their journeys.
Which leads me to what the Wall Street Journal said,
“The coronavirus pandemic is forcing the fastest reallocation of labor since World War II, with companies and governments mobilizing an army of idled workers into new activities that are urgently needed.”
So, where do people turn to figure all of this out? You can start by considering a few of the following trends.
Things to Consider as You Evaluate Job Options Post-Pandemic
  1. Individual expectations will shift. People who typically expect full-time work will need to understand their jobs may not be packaged in the same way.
  2. Organizations evolve staffing approach. Organizations will expand and contract, hiring experienced skilled workers as needed who can flex with their needs.
  3. The flexible workforce is growing. 40% of people work in the alternative workforce which will increase to 50% in a few years.
You can access the rest of the ideas at "Reallocation of Workers in the Wake of the Pandemic.”

Why Work Life Minimalism Can Lead to Abundance
Reallocation of Workers in the Wake of the Pandemic
For Career Switchers and Job Seekers
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Balancing Light and Dark
A metaphor for these times; balancing light and dark
A metaphor for these times; balancing light and dark
Last Sunday morning, we took a 7-mile walk south of the city to the Planetarium and Northerly Island. The dramatic sky with amazing clouds greeted my husband and I at 7:00AM.
When I witness something as stunning as this view, I feel so grateful to witness such beauty!

Thanks for stopping by today. Let me know if I can do anything for you.
Have a great weekend everyone!
Virtually yours
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