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We The Cannon Fodder! Omicron Madness & Ostentatious Leaders - Issue #23

We The Cannon Fodder! Omicron Madness & Ostentatious Leaders - Issue #23
By Johan Horak • Issue #23 • View online
Dear Friend
Omicron running a mock in the UK. A million new cases by the end of the month. “Where can we hide?”, Ask the mightly leaders!
Uncle Boris must be changing his pants regularly. And how sorry do we, who holiday and live in South Africa, feel for the man and his cronies. 
In the meantime, Omicron has spread its wings and no border closures or red lists can or will prevent it. 
What a mess. 
Even the French are optimistic that they can stop Omicron by closing borders; even red-listing the UK. Beyond dumb. Read the article below for more. 
The West Is Seen As Educated But Raw Fear….
I would expect Europe and the West to be educated, but the way they handle the situation is based on nothing but raw fear and voter sentiment. 
You have been there. Raw fear starts in the mind. And a few minutes later the adrenaline sends signals. 
Your heart beats faster, your muscles tighten, your tummy grumbles. And then you are forced to get rid of any unnecessary baggage. 
Boris? Is this what is happening, my dear leader
Who Really Cares About The Consequences? They Are Just Fodder! 
As a leader, these guys cannot be embarrassed, but they can pretend. 
And they shout out loud, “Let’s give the cannon fodder something to show we care’. 
"Let’s red list the insignificant, unimportant, "s!%t-hole” Africa (thanks to Trump). And my people will rejoice. 😳" The French may be taking revenge for Brexit fishing issues. Who knows. Mad world. 
And interesting. 
Are We Not Forgiving?
We, the people, the fodder, are so tolerant. So forgiving. So hopeful. Tomorrow will be a better day. 
I shared last time that Omicron may be a blessing in disguise. I still believe it. And our clever Auntie who discovered it feels the same. Well, she convinced me. See the SA Covid deaths vs new cases. Don’t miss it.
Boris Johnson’s response ‘verges on hysteria’
Doctor Angelique Coetzee said Boris Johnson’s response ‘verges on hysteria’ and she urged the UK to ‘stay calm’.
According to her, Omicron ‘could potentially be of great help to us — which is certainly not something you could say about the Delta variant’.
‘[While] more transmissible, brings ‘very, very mild symptoms’ that make it ‘far less dangerous’ than previous strains’. (See the SA Deaths per Day graph below).
She argued Omicron could actually be a ‘friend, not a foe’ by helping people build natural immunity without making them too sick.
Obviously, with “millions” getting infected more will be hospitalised. Problem. 
Even The Anti-Vaxxers Get Anti Bodies
But the counterargument; the masses are getting “natural vaccinations” (antibodies to make, even, the anti-vaxxers more resistant). 
It sounds like I am for herd immunity. I am for anything positive. I suggest you read the articles below as this is my opinion. I am no expert. 
But The Sun Will Rise Again
Here, at the most south-western tip of Africa the sun rises early, goes down late. A few Europeans even complain about the light “invading” their holiday homes. 
Funny. They want the African sun, but at their demand. 
Other people run, walk, drink dry wine, have fun on the beaches or eat a late supper as the summer sun sets. What a pleasure. 
My father in law was a passionate rugby supporter. When his team lost he always said, ‘tomorrow, the sun will rise again.’ 
We wish you a blessed festive season. May the sun shine on you every day. 
Have Fun
Johan Horak
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South African Covid Cases & Number Of Deaths
Looking at these graphs you don’t need a lot more evidence to know Doctor Angelique Coetzee is making sense. The first graph shows new Covid cases reported and the second shows death due to Covid per day.
See how SA Covid cases increased in wave 4 to nearly 25 000 per day.
See how SA Covid cases increased in wave 4 to nearly 25 000 per day.
Deaths per day: We were red listed but deaths are not increasing as in the previous waves.
Deaths per day: We were red listed but deaths are not increasing as in the previous waves.
Omicron: Boris Johnson 'verging on hysteria and variant could be great help' | Metro News
Covid-19: SA remains on Level 1 as health minister calls for social distancing, vaccination | News24
France to ban non-essential UK travel over Omicron surge | News24
UK omicron spread may be faster than in South Africa | Fin24
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Johan Horak

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