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Energy, ANC, & Qualifying Criteria - Issue #31

Energy, ANC, & Qualifying Criteria - Issue #31
By Johan Horak • Issue #31 • View online
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Energy. Eskom. The government. The ANC. We sit with the ANC. Hopefully, not for long. 
But while they are skiniving (scheming and conniving at the same time) we are at risk. You may have seen Pravin saying, Don’t call the ANC thugs - we want to fix Eskom…
Chris Yelland, the energy expert and director of EE Business Intelligence, believes it is possible to rid SA of load-shedding in two years. But Ramaphosa has to get rid of those who hamper the process. 
We are not even the cat’s tail in this mess. But it has risks. Electricity costs will increase and blackouts will occur more often. 
Most of our homeowners have UPS systems. That’s great. But the way it’s going, it may not be enough. 
A few owners are busy installing solar panels. It does not have to be all bells and whistles. A system that pays payback in 5 years is reasonable. If you have the cash to invest, get it done. 
I shared a link on the topic before. Check it out if you have not read it. 
Our Qualify Criteria For Potential New Owners. 
Today we want to share the 6 most critical criteria CapeHolidays uses before we decide to list any short-term accommodation. 
Read About The Government Allowing Delta To Fly To Cape Town. 
Although this is good news, it seems to be another blunder by our government - delaying the process.

Learn The 6 Simple Criteria CapeHolidays Management Airbnb Agency In Cape Town Uses To Qualify Successful Accommodation  | Cape Town Airbnb Management Agency
How much you can save on electricity by switching to solar
Forget Eskom, go renewable | Citypress
SA government finally allows Delta Air Lines to fly to Cape Town | Businessinsider
Asking Einstein what the difference is between genius and stupid, he said, genius has its limitations. 
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