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1. Odd Guest Request. 2. Unique Needs By Middle Eastern Tourist - Issue #35

1. Odd Guest Request. 2. Unique Needs By Middle Eastern Tourist - Issue #35
By Johan Horak • Issue #35 • View online
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Today I want to share a little about Middle Eastern tourists to Cape Town and then a strategy for hosts to defuse conflict. 
August and September are “Middle Eastern Month” in Cape Town 
I believe they flee their high summer temperatures and visit cooler Cape Town. Walking around, drinking coffee, you see them everywhere. BTW: They are very intrigued by dogs, but keep a safe distance. 
It’s good for Cape Town tourism but unfortunately, Cape Town is cold and wet this time. They have no clue what to expect. And they are cold. They use lots of household energy to try to recreate some heat. 
Second, Cape Town stretches far and wide. And when they end up staying on the Southern Peninsula, distances to the CBD disappointed them. 
It’s difficult to manage their expectations:
We need to qualify these guests better (did they consider the location? And address their in-house temperature expectations clearly.)
One family ended up in Simonstown and nearly died. And gave us a bad rating for the location. Odd.
How To Turn Difficult Guests And Awkward Requests?
One new homeowner told us about a case where she got into a nasty argument with a guest. She confronted the guest because of her leaving the house in a pigsty. It’s a long story. Unfortunately, Airbnb sided with the guest and dropped her from the rankings. Her thriving business nearly collapsed. 
To avoid arbitrary Airbnb judgments, I suggest hosts use a strategy to deflect negative attention away from them using the higher authority strategy and keep difficult communication only via the Airbnb app. See the link below for the strategy. 

1 Simple Strategy: How To Defuse Potential Explosive Airbnb Host Guest Conflict - "Let Me Ask My Boss!" | Cape Town Airbnb Management Agency
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