Unhassle Airbnb (Short Term Rentals) For Hosts & Owners

By Johan Horak

Short Term Rental Tips & Tricks For Host & Owner

Short Term Rental Tips & Tricks For Host & Owner

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Cape Town Occupancy, Reviews, Cold Winters & Tourism news. - Issue #36

Hi {{first_name}}Summer is here. And we are seeing higher peak rates. People want to stay in Cape Town.Winter occupancy was not bad. Unfortunately, September and October are not great. And occupancy/rates are less than expected. As mentioned high peak festive…


1. Odd Guest Request. 2. Unique Needs By Middle Eastern Tourist - Issue #35

Hi {{first_name}}Today I want to share a little about Middle Eastern tourists to Cape Town and then a strategy for hosts to defuse conflict. August and September are "Middle Eastern Month" in Cape Town I believe they flee their high summer temperatures and vi…


2 Star Review: The Bull Killed The Matador! - Issue #34

Dear {{first_name}}There is a joke about a guy who regularly goes back to a Spanish restaurant for his favourite protein meal. But today he is unhappy about the small serving. Asking the chef, the chef says, "Most times, the matador wins. But today! The bull …


Indebtedness & 5 Star Airbnb Reviews - Issue #33

Hi {{first_name}}By now you know we love our 5-star reviews. The more the merrier we all get. To get 5-star reviews, the state of the accommodation is critical. And the host has an important role to play. She has to use all her skills to sell happiness to gue…


"Some rooms are a bit cold" - Issue #32

Dear {{first_name}}A guest recently reviewed their stay and said, "Some rooms are a bit cold be prepared especially if you visit in winter..", at another property, a guest said, "The fireplace and heaters were an absolute lifesaver in the cold days and nights…


Energy, ANC, & Qualifying Criteria - Issue #31

Asking Einstein what the difference is between genius and stupid, he said, genius has its limitations.


Winter, Wokeness, Electricity, Only 2 Owners We Encounter - Issue #30

Dear {{first_name}}Winter is upon us. It was a beautiful summer. But things always change. Let's note changes in regulations, woke ideas influencing the future and increasing costs. Today, if you are a new owner using CapeHolidays you can read about the ONLY …


DSTV Changes, Expensive Cape Town, Unhassle A Guest House - Issue #29

Hi {{first_name}}Let's discuss DSTV as an amenity, and then an interesting read on how expensive Cape Town property is vs the world? It surprised me to read this comparison. Last, we just converted a fancy guest house into an Airbnb. This is a long tutorial d…


Pyrrhic Victories & Their Consequences - For Hosts & Owners - Issue #28

Dear {{first_name}}My limited English vocabulary comes from the days of laughing at our pretty English teacher crying while listening to the tragic last Romeo and Juliet scene. It’s not that we were insensitive. No. We just did not understand English. We were…


Two "Chefs" Are One Too Many - For Hosts & Owners - Issue #27

Today I want to share an article on the dilemma when a new owner wants a short term rental agency to assist. But confuses their role and that of the agency. It's like having two main chefs in the kitchen. It's a proper stuff up. We are very fortunate to have …


When Guests Are Ham In The Sandwich & Cape Town Travel Trends - Issue #26

Dear {{first_name}},What do you mean by "guests are the ham in the sandwich"? It's simple. Just look at a ham sandwich. A simple slice of bread, a thin layer of butter and the pink and rich slices of meat in between. In tourism, our guests should not be sacri…


SuperHost 2x More | Owner Appointed 3rd Parties - Issue #25

Dear {{first_name}}Although the foreigners are not back in full force, locals are flocking to Cape Town. This is great stuff.Today, Superhost and 3rd parties to co-manage homes.Superhosts:Did you know that Superhosts (SH) make twice as much as regular hosts? …


Relieved: Silly Season Is Over - What You Get For Your $$$ - Issue #24

SuperHosts status means a lot; guests can trust us. And What does trust do? It increases occupancy. And occupancy means a better return for our owners.


We The Cannon Fodder! Omicron Madness & Ostentatious Leaders - Issue #23

Looking at these graphs you don't need a lot more evidence to know Doctor Angelique Coetzee is making sense. The first graph shows new Covid cases reported and the second shows death due to Covid per day.


Airbnb Vs Booking.com & The Elephant In The Room - Issue #22

Watch The Late Show with Stephen Colbert On The Omicron VariantJust scroll to 4 minutes into the video get a good laugh at ridiculous.


Great AirCover & 11 Ways To Improve Your Airbnb - Issue #21

Hi {{first_name}}Holiday stays are back on the map. Demand is high. And supply limited. We love this combination. But it does not mean all is rosy.In any business there are accidents. Well, today I have good news for you...Things can go wrong. But, as long as…


Blast The Lid OFF Airbnb Rental Agencies Cape Town - Issue #20

Dear {{first_name}} There are self catering agencies in Cape Town. Very many. But are they all the same? Why are some better? Today, I share how to choose a short term rental agency in Cape Town. And if you are with CapeHolidays.info I am sure you will be hap…


IT WAS NOT 123 MAGIC! The Horak Clan Appeared- Issue #19

Dear {{first_name}}No. It was blood sweat, laughter and tears. Today you'll read about The Horak Clan. Nandi, a member of the clan, is not shy about pulling the punches. It's her plan to tell it all. The graphic details we'll have to censor. But you'll get th…


Are Holiday Makers Scrambling To Cape Town? - Issue #18

From 2017 CapeHolidays are SuperHosts. Without the support from our owners; improving their homes all the time, keeping guests happy we would not have achieved this. Thank YOU!


Is Airbnb Worth It In South Africa? Our Review On Global & Host Issues - Issue #17

Hi {{first_name}}The sun is shining. It that not a relief. It feels like COVID is dying. Well, not really true. But by now we go with the flow if we like it or not.Talking about flow. Airbnb is a river running full speed down. And taking the deadwood with it.…