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Newsletter of Aerlya Graphics 🌿🎨 - #1

Aerlya Graphics
Aerlya Graphics
Welcome to my Newsletter and thank you for taking the time to read this! I will be posting important news here. If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to reach out.

What to expect
I plan on sending out up to 2 issues every month. The newsletter will mostly cover important updates about my available slots on Ko-fi, rush order slots for my regular commissions, as well as major website updates. Every update will also be sent through Discord and Twitter but the newsletter will always be the fastest way to be updated.
Ko-fi commission updates
Support me on Ko-fi!
There are still a couple slots open on my Ko-fi YCH commissions. The wiggle slots have all been claimed.
For those of you asking when I will be opening more slots for the Wiggle emotes, I will be opening more slots once the current batch has been completed. I’m aiming to finish the current batch and clear up my commission queue by June the latest so I can reorganize my workflow. More updates will be posted on the newsletter, on Twitter and in my Discord server.
You can keep track of my progress in my waitlist.
Ko-fi offers a membership similar to the Patreon’s system which lets creator offer perks to those who pledge. If you’d like to go the extra mile and support me, please consider looking into my Membership on Ko-fi!
Membership’s highest tier price will be raised to 80€ instead of 60€ on May 1st, and slots are reduced to 10 instead of 15.
Regular commission updates
Aerlya Graphics
Pricing will be adjusted on the following items:
  • Animated emotes are raised to a starting price* of 80€ each.
  • Alerts prices are raised to 120€ for a set of 6 simple static alerts (repeating design) and 300€ for a set of 6 simple animated alerts (repeating design).
  • Illustrated scenes are raised to a starting price* of 150€ if static, and 300€ if animated. There is now a starting fee* of 50€ per static character to include in the scene, and a starting fee* of 100€ per animated character.
  • Ads, widgets and social media posts are raised to a starting price* of 50€ if static, and 80€ if animated.
*Starting prices/fees range up based on the complexity of the project.
Terms of service update:
  • Partial payments are no longer accepted in more than 2 increments.
  • There’s a new section in the TOS explaining the different queue status meaning.
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Aerlya Graphics
Aerlya Graphics @Aerlyagraphics

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