Win CryptoKitties NFTs With NFT Centrik Launch



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Win CryptoKitties NFTs With NFT Centrik Launch
By Adel de Meyer • Issue #1 • View online
In 2018 I had one of the first blogs about NFTs and blockchain gaming in the space. Being an OG, I decided it is time to get back into sharing my tips and thoughts in the space with you all.
Welcome to the launch of NFT Centrik! It will be weekly updates, sometimes daily, with information, giveaways or thoughts I have about everything happening in the metaverse, NFTs and gaming. I am a gamer and blockchain tech evangelist and very grateful to be part of this space since 2017.
One of the best memories was when I discovered I had one of the first known Cryptokitties to have a full set of jewels! Since then the two extra cattributes were added to the game known as se6 and pu20. It was a big deal back then 😂 to have a full set of jewels.

Fast forward to today, CryptoKitties are starting to get the attention of many serious collectors in the space as it was one of the first well-known NFT projects and it really put NFTs in the spotlight. The Cryptokitties founder cats sold for thousands of dollars over the years but this year most of them that were for sale got bought up fast. Then you have the Virgin Gen-0 kitties which are also limited edition kitties - Gen-0 Kitty production stopped in November 2018 with only 34,928 in existence and they are also deflationary.
CryptoKitties has a special place in my heart as it was the place where I met and made amazing friends in the space like Pranksy, Jihoz and CloudWhite just to name a few! It also encouraged the innovation of OpenSea which is our leading NFT marketplace today.
Mark my words, the Kitties are going to the moon one day, it has too many ‘world firsts’ in the NFT arena to be ignored. I hope you have a Gen-0 kitty :)
And with that said:
I am giving away two CryptoKitties out of my collection to lucky subscribers of my new newsletter. The winners will be randomly drawn on the 12th of October 1pm AEST and announced via Twitter, so be sure to follow me.
Born 29th of January 2018
Born 29th of January 2018
Bred and hatched by me!
Bred and hatched by me!
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