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NFT and Metaverse Interview with BlockHash

NFT and Metaverse Interview with BlockHash
By Adel de Meyer • Issue #3 • View online
I sat down with Brandon from BlockHash to talk about the start of NFTs, the Metaverse, NFT OG moments and what’s ahead in 2022 and beyond.
For me two big moments in the NFT space was CryptoKitties and the Beeple NFT that sold for $69 million dollars in March 2021. The NFT space will keep expanding and will blow up once Metaverses start taking off. Brands and businesses that get into this now and figure out how they can exist in the Metaverse will see exponential growth really fast.
It’s still so early but for someone like me being in NFTs since 2017 I can tell you that you’ll regret missing this next ‘www’ boom. The time to make a move is now if you haven’t already. :)
Enjoy the podcast session below.

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