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Launching NFT Collections Using MoonBoxes - You Don't Want To Miss This!

Launching NFT Collections Using MoonBoxes - You Don't Want To Miss This!
By Adel de Meyer • Issue #2 • View online
A BSC project called Moonshot is launching its first NFT collection today using their INO platform named
I’ve been following this project for a few months and I’m truly excited for this space-themed NFT launch today. It is also the celebration of the INO platform being used for the first time today built by the team. Congrats team!
Any artists can apply to schedule and launch their projects using the MoonBoxes concept, made and facilitated by Moonshot on the INO platform.

NFT Artwork by Moonshot
NFT Artwork by Moonshot
How to buy a MoonBox on October 7th?
- Visit
- Go to the ‘Moonshooter Series Collection’
- Connect Metamask or Trustwallet
- Hold enough $BNB to make a purchase
- Open MoonBox & claim your unique NFT
Now, there are a few things to know about the project’s unique approach to having a tiered structure for opening different MoonBoxes. You have to hodl a certain amount of Moonshot tokens to open boxes beside the wooden box that requires no Moonshot and only BNB to purchase your box. Please read all the information about the tiered structure here:
Moonboxes Tiered INO Structure - by Moonshot BSC Token Project - Moonshot Mission Updates
The team also announced their first creator NFT drop coming up with Ra8bits. Another event I’m looking forward to.
Moonboxes x Ra8bits🐰

The first Creators Drop on is going to be @Ra8bitsNFT 🔥

'A unique collection containing 10.000 NFT-newborn ra8bitS, breeded by algorithm. They lost total control...'

You will spot them on soon👀
In just a few months this team built their own INO platform, designed and invented the MoonBoxes concept similar to ‘loot boxes’, onboarded their first creator launch, launching their own NFT collection, and launched their animation series that ties in with the NFT journey called Moonshooter. I believe an arcade-style game is also due to release before the end of the year from the Moonshot team.
MoonShooter - The First Landing
MoonShooter - The First Landing
As you can see this project is exciting, innovative and well worth following. Grabbing my MoonShooter NFT today, can’t wait to see yours! Tag me on Twitter so I can see your Moonshot NFT. @adeldmeyer
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