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Crypto Wallet Spy Weekly NFT Report Issue 4

Crypto Wallet Spy Weekly NFT Report Issue 4
By Adel de Meyer • Issue #7 • View online
WOW, November is here! I hope you all have a wonderful month before we hit the Xmas madness. November seems bullish, so enjoy the ride. Here is a great write-up again by the team from Crypto Wallet Spy:
Nothing in this space is ever clear cut and this week we have seen a bit of everything! The end of Uptober has not disappointed and we have seen new ATH’s for blue-chip crypto and NFT’s plus huge news which suggests that we are all in the right place. 
Before we briefly look at what’s happened with our big tracked wallets this week, let’s take a moment to appreciate the news from Facebook, or ‘Meta’. This simple name change is bigger than you think. The presentation from Zuckerberg, which I recommend watching, detailing his plans and vision for this new ‘metaverse’ is a turning point that cannot be ignored! The gauntlet has been set and Facebook seems to be the first major player to make the move! 
Let’s start with Alex. The trolling has reached new levels and you have to love him for it. It’s unapologetically brutal which is a good reminder of the ruthless nature of crypto and NFT’s right now. The action has nearly all been in the gaming niche as expected with what will likely be a future blue-chip player in Efinity EFI. This is an accompanying project from Enjin who is a leader in gaming right now. There is also a smaller bet made on a mobile game called Forest Knight KNIGHT. More and more of these projects will pop up and some will be huge! 

Tony has been diamond-handed as always whilst his nicely diversified portfolio has fluctuated wildly. The current sentiment is that funds will flow from Crypto into NFT’s and Tony seems prepared for any eventuality. As you will see from this week’s summary Tony is always on the lookout for new projects despite having an NFT collection worth over $20m and clearly has a bit of a thing for Japanese art at the moment. Will we see these projects pump following the Crypto surge!? So far they have done next to nothing as far as profits go. 
Tony, similarly to Alex, has been working on his own NFT membership project which is set to be a top 10 blue chip NFT. We are certainly going to do what we can to get our members access. The influence and dedication Tony has are sure to create huge demand and utility. The standard PFP projects will just not cut it in 2022. 
Security has been a big issue this week with more and more scams and blatant robberies occurring on a daily basis. I recommended to my members a service based on Etherscan called ‘Token Approvals’. It’s found under the ‘more’ tab. Enter your public wallet address and you will be shown who or what has access to your wallet. You have the option from here to revoke access to anything you don’t like the look of. 
My thoughts this week are a weird mix of caution and optimism. There is certainly more to come for this Crypto and NFT pump in Q4. The craziness has been escalating though, and that is usually a sure-fire sign that the end is nigh. When I say the end though don’t fret, I just mean an end to the current madness. A correction will come and is necessary. In opposition to this caution, I am super excited about the future of this space and If you are reading this, you are in the right place, and should be excited too!
Have a great week everyone. 
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Adel de Meyer

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