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Crypto Wallet Spy Weekly NFT Report Issue 3

Crypto Wallet Spy Weekly NFT Report Issue 3
By Adel de Meyer • Issue #6 • View online
The 3rd issue from Crypto Wallet Spy is here with some awesome insights!
It has been a great week for Alex Becker. Firstly just look at that rise in Twitter following and YouTube subscribers! This is most likely down to his masterful Twitter marketing plan which seems to be a 50/50 mix of shamelessly bragging about his crypto gains (which are fairly immense to be fair) and relentlessly trolling certain niche sections of the market (main being targets BTC and ADA maxis). 
Alex’s attention this week has been on maximizing the Uptober alt-coin pump and developing his very own Neo Tokyo NFT project. He has placed substantial bets (although only a small percentage of his portfolio) on 4 new crypto assets as you can see in the report. In Neo Tokyo the recent drama has been the ‘unvaulting’ of the vault boxes that were claimed last week. A Neo Tokyo currency of sorts named BYTES was found inside them in varying amounts, valued between $6k and $16k and on the rise. Not bad at all for a FREE mint. 

Moving on to Tony’s week it’s all been around NFT’s and methodically dollar-cost averaging in and out of projects. Taking profits when available has been a key message from many influencers this week! Tony has also been creating his own NFT project. More information will be coming soon before the end of the month with a potential launch in the first week of November. Tony seems pretty certain that it will be a top 10 blue chip membership-based NFT project. When it comes to NFT’s Tony knows best and I would take notice. 
The main takeaways from the week are that it’s definitely worth spending time getting access to big influencer NFT projects, and don’t forget to take profits when they come! 
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Adel de Meyer

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