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Weekly adamisacson.com - Issue #63

The latest WOLA Podcast is about Peru, where presidential elections happened on June 6. We recorded this episode on June 3. I started by asking WOLA Senior Fellow Jo-Marie Burt, a political scientist at George Mason University, “Is it really a Leninist versus…


Weekly adamisacson.com - Issue #62

Here’s an English translation of my interview with journalist Cecilia Orozco, which ran in Sunday’s edition of Colombia’s El Espectador.


Weekly adamisacson.com - Issue #61

I recorded a very good conversation with my colleague Gimena Sánchez, who I don’t think has slept since Colombia’s protests—and the government’s crackdown—began on April 28. She does a masterful job explaining what’s going on. Here’s the text of the podcast l…


Weekly adamisacson.com - Issue #60

During at least the first half of 2021, we’re producing weekly updates in English about peace accord implementation and related topics.This is a special “protests crisis edition” of the weekly update. It is very long. To shorten it, follow these links to view…


Weekly adamisacson.com - Issue #59

As police go on what appears to be a government-sanctioned rampage against protesters in several cities around Colombia, we banged out this statement on Sunday night. After a couple of years of police brutality during protests, it's crazy that the United Stat…


Weekly adamisacson.com - Issue #58

With this series of weekly updates, WOLA seeks to cover the most important developments at the U.S.-Mexico border. Since what’s happening at the border is one of the principal events in this week’s U.S. news, this update is a “double issue,” longer than norma…


Weekly adamisacson.com - Issue #57

The WOLA Podcast continues to cover the situation at the border, this time what’s happening in Mexico. There, the Biden administration has been leaning on the national government to send more security forces and accept more expelled Central American families.…


Weekly adamisacson.com - Issue #56

Yael Shacher, senior U.S. advocate at Refugees International, is a historian of U.S. asylum policy. She offers an invaluable perspective on the current increase in asylum seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border, and how the system should work. That’s hugely importa…


Weekly adamisacson.com - Issue #55

During at least the first half of 2021, we’re producing weekly updates in English about peace accord implementation and related topics.Combat between Venezuelan forces and FARC dissidentsOn March 22, residents of Arauquita, across the Arauca river from Venez…


Weekly adamisacson.com - Issue #54

What’s happening at the border right now is concerning: there are bottlenecks in caring for unaccompanied minors. But it’s not a crisis. If anything, the crisis is in the large number of people who continue to be expelled, within hours, without a hearing.Four…


Weekly adamisacson.com - Issue #53

Here is the English text of a column that ran March 10 in Colombia’s El Espectador.


Weekly adamisacson.com - Issue #52

Then I sat in a crowded hearing room, for the last time:


Weekly adamisacson.com - Issue #51

Annual UN human rights reportThe UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has maintained an office in Colombia since 1996 with presences in Bogotá and nine regions. Early each year, it produces a report summarizing Colombia’s human rights situation during the pr…


Weekly adamisacson.com - Issue #50

With an assist from WOLA’s president, Geoff Thale, I booked a fantastic but deeply troubling conversation with two fighters for democracy in El Salvador, Mauricio Silva and José Luis Sanz. This is a rough moment for a democracy born at a moment of hope, when …


Weekly adamisacson.com - Issue #49

We’re 3 weeks into the Biden administration. What’s happening with Trump’s border wall? How much got built? How much did it cost? How much is left unspent? How can we go about taking this down, or at least taking the most harmful parts down?Here’s a new analy…


Weekly adamisacson.com - Issue #48

2021 began with a wave of massacres, and security analysts are pessimisticA new WOLA alert details more than 30 attacks on social leaders, journalists, opposition political leaders, and communities since late December. Colombia’s security situation continues …


Weekly adamisacson.com - Issue #47

During at least the first half of 2021, we’re producing weekly updates in English about peace accord implementation and related topics.Transitional justice tribunal issues first indictment of FARC leadership, for kidnappingColombia’s post-conflict transitiona…


Weekly adamisacson.com - Issue #46

Whether you’ve been following the absolutely ridiculous chapter in U.S.-Mexico relations we discuss here, or whether this is new to you, I recommend this conversation with my newest colleague at WOLA, Mexico and Migrant Rights Director Stephanie Brewer.The .m…


Weekly adamisacson.com - Issue #45

Here in Washington, after the January 6 riot, we're in the tightest lockdown I've ever seen. It inspired two off-topic bits of content on my website.


Weekly adamisacson.com - Issue #44

I posted this to my site the morning after the attempted coup, January 7.