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What Superpower are you Building?!

What Superpower are you Building?!
By Adam Draper • Issue #69 • View online
We want to invest in Founders Building Superpowers.

Boost VC is the Pre-Seed Fund helping founders making science fiction a reality. We are committed to “Sci-Fi Tech,” because we don’t believe in waiting for the future.
As the gap between science fiction and reality continues to converge, we are transitioning from a world that is merely connected (internet), to a world that will become radically enhanced (Biotech, Virtual Reality, Exoskeletons, Jetpacks, Autonomous Cars, AI, Crypto, Drones). 
Sci-Fi Tech is Boost VC’s commitment to the next 50 years of innovation: the quest to enhance every connected human with super abilities.
We will live longer, jump higher, see further, run faster, dive deeper. We are no longer be constrained by our geography and, eventually, we’ll travel through time.  
These powers will be forged by hackers, scientists, researchers, misfits, and philosophers ready to guide us into our new reality. They are defiant rebels experimenting with technology to create paradigm shifts in society. They see what few others can and obsess over bringing their visions to life. 
We here at Boost VC are proud to boost this next generation of change-agents––the audacious pioneers transforming imagination into the future of human potential. We invest in founders building Superpowers! 
Boost VC is making Sci-Fi a Reality.
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