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Tribe 13 - Request for Startups
By Adam Draper • Issue #79 • View online
Human Augmentation and the Future of Food

Last week Boost VC pushed out two RFS’s (Request for Startups).
The term “Request for Startup,” allows for investors or anyone really to declare a market that they would like builders to be building in. Boost VC obviously focuses on making the idea of “Sci-Fi Tech” digestible to the every day entrepreneur.
The beauty of the request for startups is that it helps put words to themes and markets that we have seen an evolution in, and it allows the general public to source the idea for us. Boost VC has invested in quite a few startups through this of discovery, the most recent was YAC, Audio networks for remote teams.
Tribe 13 applications are open, and if you know anyone working in the Future of Food or Human Augmentation, please send them our way!
We will be write more RFS’s this month for Crypto, OceanTech and VR.
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