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Risk Makers.

Risk Makers.
By Adam Draper • Issue #78 • View online
Where are the risk takers?

“Of course Silicon Valley is the way it is. It’s composed of the rebels who fought off the King of England, and then some subset of them thought it was a good idea to trek 3000 miles across the country to set up shop in what became California. It’s the risk-takers, of the risk-takers.”
- Richard Browning, Chief Pilot Officer and Founder of Gravity (Jetpack company)
Silicon Valley is special. It is the Power-Law of risk, squared, and it keeps printing success.My grandfather always thanks Stanford for the success they have manufactured over the last 75 years.
I think that Silicon Valley alone is the proof that risk is good. It inherently creates asymmetric wins, and in the past 75 years, those risk takers have evolved the world, from the Silicon Chip to the Internet.
So if risk historically has been the best investment, where are the risk takers of today building?
I believe that immigrant entrepreneurs risk it all to come to the US and start a company. Some of them sacrifice more than they will ever tell anyone. I believe that the infrastructure of Silicon Valley has created success, but the pool of risk takers are those who are risking all to get here. Silicon Valley is a magnet to risk takers now.
I hope I get to invest in some immigrant founders in this next tribe.
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