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Hardest Problems in the World? Part 2

Hardest Problems in the World? Part 2
By Adam Draper • Issue #66 • View online

Now, categorically we now have two types of “Hardest Problems”:
  • Binary - meaning humanity exists or it doesn’t.
  • Scale - We have to scale services and economies to fit 10B people.
After I posted “Hardest Problems #1,” someone (Adam Singer) responded with “Solving death” as the hardest problem.
I’m not personally someone who believes that we should live forever, but the quick conversation I had with Adam Singer and MarkB on twitter resulted in a great answer to the question of
“Why is solving death one of the hardest problems?”
I will give an individual more time to work on the hardest problems, because persistence is important in solving problems.
So the hardest problems we should solve for, are in order to support the solving of the hardest problems :)… very cyclical.
Is this true for everything though? Do we need to give humanity superpowers in order to hit the laws of scale, and prepare for binary outcomes?
The internet allows anyone to communicate with anyone else over great distance at any time. Virtual Reality allows for anyone to build a relationship with anyone no matter distance. Bitcoin allows for any trust and value that has been accrued to transfer no matter distance or geography.
The first generation of networks is about reducing the need of geography and distance. This allows collaboration of brain power all over the world.
The next generation will be about enhancing that power. Artificial Intelligence can digest more data than any human being in order to create insights towards a goal.
New ways to harness energy will allow for new structures to be built… I’m thinking star Trek.
Here, I’ll try to simplify everything. I believe that the last 50 years was about harnessing the power of the collective brains, by connecting them. Now we are in the age of “supercharging” the brains in order to solve the real problems of scale.
The future is awesome. We are all going to be superheroes whose abilities will have been built by incredible entrepreneurs. We are moving from networks to compute, to powered compute.
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