Things I Write.

By Adam Draper

I ponder as a VC. It's a quick one minute read to make you think, smile, or laugh.

I ponder as a VC.

It's a quick one minute read to make you think, smile, or laugh.

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Between Getting and Winning.

I was reminded today that there is a difference between getting something and winning something. In both instances, the end result is the same... you received a something. But the difference is in the how, and that HOW is the reasI never experienced this, but…


Moats - Tech and People

All technology does is save you time.Every piece of technology is about solving a time related problem, so that you can do more of that thing. Uber makes you take more taxis, Google makes you search for more information, Skype makes you call more people inter…


Moats (Part 4 of Sci-Fi Learnings)

My Dad, the legend, has a TV show called "Meet The Drapers." I participated yesterday as a judge and had 3 pitches made to me. It was fantastic. Meet the Drapers is formatted like "Shark Tank." There are judges, and there are entrepreneurs pitching companies.…


Moats (Part 3 of Sci-Fi Learnings)

After posting my "Moat" post last week, my friend Vic Singh, GP at Eniac, lover of all things Sci-Fi, and huge Tupac fan, sent me his blog post where he focuses on Compounding Moats of tech startups focused on the stages of Innovation adoption, around distrib…


Sci-Fi Tech Learnings: Moats (Part 2)

Venture Capitalists love to talk about moats. I wish it stood for something like "Massive Orange Ale Tenants," .... Reader: "Adam, is that the best you could come up with."Adam: "Yes."But no, moats are the same now as they were in the Medieval times, it repre…


Sci-Fi Tech Learnings (Part 1)

To me, the term Sci-Fi is applicable when you experience magic in a product, enabling something that was previously impossible. This generally occurs when new technology capture an older market, or when new technology creates a new market.A good example of th…


Tribe 13 - Request for Startups

Last week Boost VC pushed out two RFS's (Request for Startups). Here is Boost VC on Human AugmentationHere is Boost VC on the Future of FoodThe term "Request for Startup," allows for investors or anyone really to declare a market that they would like builders…


Risk Makers.

"Of course Silicon Valley is the way it is. It's composed of the rebels who fought off the King of England, and then some subset of them thought it was a good idea to trek 3000 miles across the country to set up shop in what became California. It's the risk-t…


7 Years.

I've been thinking about what to write about Boost VC being around for 7 years.300 investments600+ foundersFounders from 30+ different countriesCrypto went from $100m mkt cap to $246BVR went from being a imaginary, to being in my houseWe have invested in 2 je…


The New Boost VC Accelerator: $500k for Sci-Fi

At Boost VC, we are an accelerator and have always stayed true to our mission of making Sci-Fi a Reality, which has led us to Crypto, VR, Jetpacks, OceanTech... and at the heart of it all, amazing people building the future we will live in. We are excited to …


Value vs. Worth (Part 3)

It feels like people have pulled a full negative 180 on WeWork recently, or "We Company." They are going public and everyone is focused on how it should be valued - as a tech company or a real estate company, with the assumption that technology companies have…


Value vs. Worth (Part 2 - YCombinator)

Continued: It turns out I have a lot more thoughts on this, I might continue the conversation on another post.The YCombinator Demo Day experience took place the last 2 days at Pier 48 in SF. It's incredible what they have built - talk about the compounding va…


Value vs. Worth.

My Dad once tried to explain the difference between value and worth to me. I was 8 years old looking at the stock prices in the back of the finance section of the New York times, and picking my favorites based on the very trusted system of "best ticker wins."…


Fitness. A Killer App for VR.

The main use case that everyone talks about for Virtual Reality is gaming. For better or worse, Boost VC chose a long time ago not to invest in content, so gaming has never been a part of our VR investment thesis. Our thesis has been driven by Education and S…


Tribute Bands and Startup Lands (Part 1)

Music is weird, it's something I spend so much time listening to, yet not too much time thinking about. It causes me to think, but not about music. The only times, I'm really ever actively thinking about music is if I'm at a concert watching someone perform, …



When building a startup, there are terms that get thrown around. "Scale," "Fundraise," "Partner," "Term Sheets," and I always think the words that EVERYONE uses are the most interesting words, because I generally find people using them in different ways to me…


What Superpower are you Building?!

Boost VC is the Pre-Seed Fund helping founders making science fiction a reality. We are committed to “Sci-Fi Tech,” because we don’t believe in waiting for the future.As the gap between science fiction and reality continues to converge, we are transitioning f…


Calvin and Hobbes and Licensing.

I love Calvin and Hobbes. The creator, Bill Waterson, has influenced millions of children and or 33 year old men named Adam at this point. It is also unique, despite it's success, you will never see a Calvin and Hobbes TV show or movie. Isn't that facinating.…


Breakfast with Pops #4

"I had a dog named Piper, I used to have to run after. He used to run away all the time. Now that I think of it, other than when I was at Yale, I have always had a dog. " These breakfasts with my grandfather have been a persistent highlight of my last two yea…


Hardest Problems in the World? Part 2

Now, categorically we now have two types of "Hardest Problems":Binary - meaning humanity exists or it doesn't.Scale - We have to scale services and economies to fit 10B people.After I posted "Hardest Problems #1," someone (Adam Singer) responded with "Solving…