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Monthly newsletter of H.E.R.DAO - Issue #6

Monthly newsletter of H.E.R.DAO
We believe in self care so the team have been on summer break for a few weeks 😎 - please enjoy our very BELATED June Issue!

We want to thank Polkadot, HUMAN Protocol, and REACH for making the NYC scholarships possible! 🙌
Reach kicked off NFTNYC week by celebrating womxn in blockchain in an event where we discussed tech, decentralized finance, and the future of blockchain. 🗽
Reach Platform
Kicking off #NFTNYC week, celebrating womxn in #blockchain as we discuss tech, decentralized finance, and the future of blockchain. 🗽💁‍♀️

#Web3 #WomenInTech #Algorand #FYEO
Avalanche Baddie Summit 🔺
Where to next in #NFTNYC22, catch our founder @Onallee at the Baddie Summit sharing how we increase the female presence in Web3, thanks to @avalancheavax for the invite!
Devs Off the Chain Panel/Networking Event
PraSaga Faces of Web3 Event 📸
Alongside Prasaga, we sponsored Faces Of Web3, a celebration of women, with Peter Hurley, presented by HYPE TV. PraSaga’s Director of Token Relations, Jacob Holdmann, and EVP, Nicole Colwell, had another meaningful opportunity to show their support for gender diversity in blockchain at the Faces of Web3 event! 💫
During the day, Peter Hurley, the World’s Top Headshot Photographer, captured the participants.
In the evening, NYC building were lit up with faces of women in web3 and presentations by PraSaga. We jammed to DJ Wiggle Work and H.E.R. DAO DJ Almond!
WATCH Hype TV’s coverage of the event here 👇
Faces of Web3 - NFT NYC - with Peter Hurley
Polkadot Hacker House and Panel
On June 23, our scholars, Yänjaa Wintersoul, Aahliyah Amerat, GRL, Cynthia Nesbit, and Sri Lakshmi shared their stories, advice, experiences, challenges and learnings of being creatives in the Web 3.0 space at the Polkadot Hacker House!
Women in Web3 Brunch NYC 🥑🥐
This event was special!
A great event where women were able to network and get to know each other in a relaxed setting - the food was amazing! Thank you to Alpha DAO 🙏
Our H.E.R. DAO scholars smashed it at ETH NYC! Our teams won with a total of 19 PRIZES!!
We’re so proud of everyone for the amazing work done!
👏 Huge congratulation to all teams.
We want to thank all of our sponsors for making this amazing experience possible! 🙌
Our #HerDAO scholars smashed is at @ETHGlobal #ETHNYC. We are so proud of everyone 👏

HUGE congratulations to all teams 🙌

Recap of Human Protocol x H.E.R. DAO Hackathon
HUMAN x H.E.R. DAO Hackathon is a month long remote hackathon that started during NFTNYC/ ETHNYC. H.E.R. DAO scholars will be exploring protecting their smart contract from bots, using Proof-of-HUMANity on-chain!
The objective of the hackathon:
  • Develop Proof-of-Identity solutions on the Human blockchain.
  • To include underrepresented and underserved communities predominantly women.
  • To onboard more women into the HUMAN ecosystem providing greater diversity and increasing competitive edge and revenue.
Idea scope of the hackathon:
  • Integrate Proof-of-Humanity into existing dApps to eliminate bots activity.
  • Find creative ways to use Proof-of-Humanity in dApps.
  • Create additional Proof-of-Humanity plugins for verifying humanity. Some promising areas here are:
  • Biometrics as Proof-of-Humanity
  • Ledger/Yubikey as Proof-of-Humanity
  • Porting PoH to non-EVM blockchain. (I.E: Solana, Algorand, Etc)
  • Education content to improve existing tools on how to use PoH. (I.E: Articles, Videos)
We are excited for what our scholars will create!
The 1st ETH-conference in Spain!
This month we also explored how blockchain technology can help build a sustainable world full of Human Potential at ETH Barcelona!
The 1st ETH-conference in Spain, where there was 3 days of culture, music & innovation!
During ETH Barcelona we were super excited to have a women and non-binary brunch with the Unit Network🌙 🥑 on Thursday, July 7th!
H.E.R. DAO @ the ETH Barcelona Hackathon 👾
H.E.R. DAO @ the ETH Barcelona Hackathon 👾
✨Our founder was on a panel at ETH BCN. She spoke on inclusion in the web3 space
Founder Tracey spoke on inclusion in the web3 space!
Founder Tracey spoke on inclusion in the web3 space!
All this Hackathon talk!
In our next issue we will be giving tips:
  • What to expect at a hackathon
  • Tips for newbies and experienced hackers for what to enjoy at a hackathon as a newbie or experienced hacker
  • Why hackathons are beneficial to your technical journey
We’ll also be highlighting our newest ‘Breakthrough award winners!!’
Thanks for reading!
Special thanks to community member Nima for putting together this month’s issue! 👏
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H.E.R. DAO Community
H.E.R. DAO Community

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