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Monthly Newsletter of H.E.R.DAO - Issue #2

H.E.R. DAO’s Monthly Newsletter
We came, we saw, we conquered 💕

Hello from Miami,
While some of our community members are celebrating ETH Rio, we cannot forgot to share how massively successful ETH Denver was for the creation of this organization. It took many of us a few weeks to recover, but the experience will live happily in our hearts forever. The H.E.R. DAO Hacker House attracted dozens of new women to the Ethereum ecosystem, and left an impression on the thousands of builders who traveled to the Mile High City last month.
🥂Congratulations to our Developer-in-Residence Doris Hernandez for winning ApeWorX bounty for Dippii, a one-step NFT app for non-technical creators..
🥂Congratulations to Sianoi Kimari, lead data scientist for her team’s Do or DAO it project. They won top bounty across all categories and a few other grants for their cutting edge pitch about expanding the research and infrastructure of DAOs. Watch their pitch on Dora Hacks here.
*THANK YOU to our sponsors for making H.E.R. DAO possible!*
*THANK YOU to Harmony Protocol for the continuous support.*
In H.E.R Own Words 💁🏽‍♀️
H.E.R. DAO Hacker House @ ETHDenver
H.E.R. DAO Hacker House @ ETHDenver
BLK@ETHDenver 2022
BLK@ETHDenver 2022
📣Upcoming NFT Drop
We are partnering with Minority Programmers on the DAO’s first NFT collection. Tap into our Discord to learn more and to get involved with the marketing efforts.
As part of #womenhistorymonth we are celebrating women in tech. Today we are highlighting Ada Lovelace, who wrote the first computer program in the 1840s. Make sure to look out for our “H.E.R. x Minority” #NFT drop to support womxn developers in the #Web3 space @_HerDAO👩🏽
Alberto Dávila @ Eth.Rio 🔗
Lessons learned during @EthereumRio, @theunitnetwork, @gooddollarorg, @CeloOrg, @LivepeerOrg, @_HerDAO networking and fruitful discussions:

(i) build your community
(ii) build your code
(iii) build something with (social) impact
(iv) build now

#build #blockchain #nft #DAO #Web3
En este panel en el marco de @EthereumRio tuve chance de platicar de NFTs con impacto @DoinGudHQ y el trabajo de mujeres en Web3 x @_HerDAO, gracias @theunitnetwork 💜
Join Us In Our Next Twitter Spaces
We will host a Twitter Spaces every week about the organization’s latest happenings and travel plans. Look out for information on the Telegram chat. Check out some previous recordings below.
Community Update
We are in the infant stages of understanding what a DAO is, how it should function and come to consensus on initiatives as cross-chain protocols continues to expand. Like I mentioned before, this newsletter will be decentralized and hopefully the next governor and core contributors will continue to share updates, welcome new members in, LISTEN and share praise reports.
As for me, it’s been great getting to know you all and if I can leave you with one piece of advice, it is to question everything. Don’t settle for what you’ve been spoon fed and always know your worth. Web3 is about ownership and operating in a permissionless world. Let’s continue to collaborate and build without borders, but always do what’s right! If you ever need advice, support or some DeFi alpha on the next wave, hit me up.
Your Ally,
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