Sugar Daddy in a Glass by Yolanda Shoshana

By Yolanda Shoshana

Yolanda Shoshana is a Tastemaker, Culinary Historian, Ambassador, Creator, and Storyteller.

Yolanda Shoshana is a Tastemaker, Culinary Historian, Ambassador, Creator, and Storyteller.

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The Dandizette - Issue #15: Switching Things Up

Hey you!It’s been awhile since I've been in touch. I wanted to thank you for supporting me through the years no matter how long you have followed me or read my newsletter. I hope that you have an amazing 2022, in your pursuit of love, life, and happiness.As y…


The Dandizette by Yolanda Shoshana - Issue #14: The Wild Unknown, Prosecco Week , Crypto

Hey loves,I'm poppin’ into your inbox to give you some love for the week. How’s life going? I hope this month has been a good one. Keep on keeping on as they say. It’s a good time to push yourself and go a little harder for your goals.As for the reading for t…


The Dandizette by Yolanda Shoshana - Issue #13: Spiritual Seasoning/True Heart Tarot

Happy July! This month started off with a bang so hopefully yours is poppin' with all good things.Since I had a request for more predictions there is one for this week below. Overall, it's a fabulous time to conjure! Pull out your cauldron and get to work.The…


The Dandizette - Issue #12: The Undoing & Lupin

Bonjour dandy darling,Ever since we went from the pandemic pause to normal, I'm been extremely busy. How about you? Some of it may be my fault. I’ve been having quite a bit of one on one time with friends. It’s been great to have good conversation and spots i…


The Dandizette - Issue #11: Cognac & Crypto

It was just National Cognac Day! Did you miss it? Instead of focusing on just one day, I want to inspire you to get Cognac in your drink rotation throughout the year.It’s no secret that I love me some Cognac. It’s one of my favorite spirits. The French spirit…


The Dandizette - Issue #10: National Wine Day

Happy National Wine Day! As if we needed a reason to sip wine? The biggest question is red, white, pink, or sparkling, which one to choose? Decisions...decisions..decisions...


The Dandizette - Issue #9- Witchcraft Therapy

How’s your mental health? The question is mainly so that you check in and make sure that your mind is right. May is Mental Health Awareness Month and it's the perfect time for a positive energy tune up.Most folks will have to do a mindset reset as things open…


The Dandizette - Issue #8 - Got Garlic?

Don’t know about you, but I’ve been getting out and about and it feels so good. I went to a fabulous little French bistro in Harlem, Maison Harlem, over the weekend for brunch. If felt so good to be dining in a quaint atmosphere. I loved the smell of French b…


The Dandizette - Issue #7: The Hustle Horoscopes

My horoscopes are back baby. Throughout the years I’ve written different themed horoscopes from food to sensuality. When I bump into people who have followed me, they always tell me it's one of their favorite things that I do.This go round they are dedicated …


The Dandizette - Issue #6: Mindfulness, NFTs, & Promising Young Women

As I sit sipping my café con leche, my mind is on the concept of mindfulness. It’s something that has been pushed hard during this time. Some of you are thinking “but haven’t I felt much more can I take” ?If you are thinking f*ck mindfulness, let…


The Dandizette - Issue #5- Get The Irish Feels

I don’t know about you, but during this pandemic, I have a hard time keeping up with dates. I have no idea what day of the week it is or when holidays are coming up. I had to be reminded a few times that St. Patrick’s Day is on the way.Why bother with the day…


The Dandizette - Issue #4- Your Grind, Witchy Reading, & Badass Belles Playlist

I recently saw a post from a women who asked if we can stop glamorizing the grind and celebrate getting 7 hours of sleep, self care, fair pay, etc. While I agree with that, I also think there's nothing wrong with fist pumping for "the grind" . If you grind ri…


The Dandizette #3- You & The Cryptocurrency Flow

Just when I was going to start separate newsletters for my different interests, I had an “aha moment”. Why would I need to do that? I will just keep mixing it up.I was recently interviewed a few days after a Cognac chat that I lead with New York Women’s Culin…