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The Dandizette - Issue #4- Your Grind, Witchy Reading, & Badass Belles Playlist

Pink Chicken
Pink Chicken
The Dandizette is a newsletter by Yolanda Shoshana with a little bit of everything. Live life though your senses as you level up!

Soul Food:
I recently saw a post from a women who asked if we can stop glamorizing the grind and celebrate getting 7 hours of sleep, self care, fair pay, etc. While I agree with that, I also think there’s nothing wrong with fist pumping for “the grind” . If you grind right all those things can be a part of it.
What does the grind mean to you. If you are doing a routine 9-5 where it leaves you feeling “meh”, that’s not okay. If you are working 12-14 hour days, barely getting by, and feeling unfulfilled it may be time for a change.
Long story short, your grind, hustle, or whatever you call it should have you feeling exhilarated.  
There may be days when the feeling of despair comes over you. When you feel that way, remember the universe is talking to you. It’s letting you know that it has another door for you to open. Behind that door is a path to lead you to unlimited possibilities. Let what’s in your heart and mind determine your grind. ♥️
Witchy Reading: March 8, 2021-March 14, 2021
This week’s reading comes from The Bohemian Gothic Deck brings in the Eight of Pentacles, The Emperor, and Judgement.
It’s a wonderful week to level up your skills, focus on your goals/dreams, and allow yourself to to be open to multiple opportunities.
Witchy Reading: March 8, 2021-March 14, 2021
Witchy Reading: March 8, 2021-March 14, 2021
Dandy Little Things:
Bringing back my pairing playlists. This go around I’ll be creating them mainly on YouTube so that they are accessible to everyone. Plus then you have the option of looking at the video. BOOM!
Here’s a playlist for when you’re feeling badassy!

Pompette Playlist: Badass Belles
Bises 💋…
Yolanda Shoshana, Creatrix 🍾
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Pink Chicken
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Yolanda Shoshana is an Intuitive, Culinary Historian, Producer/Project Manager, and Content Creator in NYC.

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