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The Dandizette - Issue #11: Cognac & Crypto

Pink Chicken
Pink Chicken
The Dandizette is a newsletter by Yolanda Shoshana with a little bit of everything. Live life though your senses as you level up!

It was just National Cognac Day! Did you miss it? Instead of focusing on just one day, I want to inspire you to get Cognac in your drink rotation throughout the year.
It’s no secret that I love me some Cognac. It’s one of my favorite spirits. The French spirit is known as the king of brandy. Made from the Ugni Blanc grape, it’s produced in a charming town in France by the same name. Most people who live in Cognac actually work in the Cognac industry, from the people who make labels, barrels, to the winemakers. It’s a unique community that brings the spirit to life. I highly recommend a visit.
There are various ways to get your Cognac on. It can be enjoyed on its own, neat or over ice. If you dig cocktails, it’s the perfect ingredient.
As for me…I love having Cognac neat or in a cocktail. One of my favorite cocktails is the French 75. When I sip one it makes me feel like I’m fancy. Oh la la! It’s the perfect thing to sip when you want a luxurious libation in hand.
Recipes are coming at you below. The recipe says to top with Champagne. However, you can also go with Crémant. I think of it as Champagne’s little sister who doesn’t get nearly the love it deserves. The bubbles are also made in France in the Champagne method. Voilà!
The Cognac selected is the Remy 1738 Accord Royal which is perfect to use for classic cocktails such as the French 75 or Sidecar. Santé!
XOXO ~Shoshi
French 75 
1 oz Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal®
½ oz simple syrup 
½ oz lemon juice
Shake and strain. Pour into a coupe. Top with champagne ( or favorite sparkling wine)
1 oz Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal
2/3 oz Cointreau
1/3 oz lemon juice
Combine, shake, strain, serve in a classic coupe or martini glass.
*** What's Dandy....***
In the crypto:
I really wish Elon Musk would shut up and stop messing with my crypto money. Eventually when enough people are involved with crypto what he says won’t sway the market nearly as much. He is full of so much hot air when it comes to the game. If you plan to follow what he says, always do the research.
Elon Musk is ‘a tourist in crypto,' Celsius Network CEO says
On the flipside Jack Dorsey is always up to something interesting. He’s the CEO of Square and said the digital-payments company is considering building a Bitcoin hardware wallet. Now this sounds like a smooth move. It’s a potential game changer for small businesses. Every day more entrepreneurs make a decision to use crypto for transactions. This is sure to increase in time. BOOM!
Jack Dorsey Says Square (SQ) May Build a Bitcoin Hardware Wallet - Bloomberg
Need assistance onboarding into crypto? It’s not as scary as you might think. While crypto can cause a few heart palpitations, being in the game will be worth it in the long run. Sign up for a sesh!
To watch:
While it’s been great to get all the new releases at home, I’ve missed going to the movies in a theater. The first movie I will be seeing in a plush seat with my feet up in In The Heights. This movie was pushed back due to COVID and it’s finally about to drop. I kick myself for not seeing it when it was on Broadway. I could have gotten free tickets many times, but who knew Lin-Manuel Miranda was going to be such a big deal. 
Will you be seeing it?
Watch: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Anthony Ramos, Olga Merediz, and More Talk In the Heights Movie
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Pink Chicken
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Yolanda Shoshana is an Intuitive, Culinary Historian, Producer/Project Manager, and Content Creator in NYC.

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