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The Dandizette by Yolanda Shoshana - Issue #13: Spiritual Seasoning/True Heart Tarot

Pink Chicken
Pink Chicken
The Dandizette is a newsletter by Yolanda Shoshana with a little bit of everything. Live life though your senses as you level up!

Happy July! This month started off with a bang so hopefully yours is poppin’ with all good things.
Since I had a request for more predictions there is one for this week below. Overall, it’s a fabulous time to conjure! Pull out your cauldron and get to work.
The spiritual seasoning is from Rachel True’s deck, The True Heart Intuitive Tarot. You might remember watching True in the movie, The Craft (the original). If you haven’t seen it, put it on your list. It’s one of the best witchy movies around.  
Keep your magick turnt up! ~XOXO Shosh
Spiritual Seasoning:
Coming in hot for the week: The Hermit, The Sun, and Nine of Wands. Let’s get into it..
At the kick off of the week you might find yourself doing a little soul searching. Go deep and go hard. That’s where some magick is hiding out ready to be released. Show the universe what you got. In other words, don’t keep all of your gifts to yourself.
By the middle of the week, positive vibes will be flowing. Maybe you will get a raise, find a new boo, or everything else in between. Seeds that you have planted are about to grow so be ready to put some energy into this new situation. When the universe is gives you a door, be ready to open it.
As the week comes to a end, you will find that clarity is going to roll up on you. Something that has been a struggle will ease up. In other words, things are about to get real nice. Anyone that has been difficult will suddenly be less of a factor.
Long story short:
Check yourself before you wreck yourself. There’s something stirring in your soul that is ready to take centerstage. You are a star! Good things are coming your way. The universe is moving and grooving to assist you in what you’ve asked for. As long as you keep on moving forward, the awesome sauce will flow on everything that you have going on. Nobody can stop you. Blessed be.
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Pink Chicken
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Yolanda Shoshana is an Intuitive, Culinary Historian, Producer/Project Manager, and Content Creator in NYC.

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