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The Dandizette #3- You & The Cryptocurrency Flow

Sugar Daddy in a Glass  by Yolanda Shoshana
The Dandizette is a newsletter by Yolanda Shoshana with a little bit of everything. Live life though your senses as you level up!

Senses & Sensibility: Do YOU!
Just when I was going to start separate newsletters for my different interests, I had an “aha moment”. Why would I need to do that? I will just keep mixing it up.
I was recently interviewed a few days after a Cognac chat that I lead with New York Women’s Culinary Alliance. During the interview the person on the other end of the phone said “you have so much going on”. I always find that to be a curious statement. Shouldn’t I have many things going on? I love pursing the things that make me happy and the opportunities that come my way.
Most people have many layers. One of the things that I’ve learned as an influencer is that people want to know the real you. I’ve had people who have followed me for years, because they love being on my ride with me. People really do want to know what you are eating, drinking, or watching. That’s not to say to bombard folks with 50 photos of the sandwich that you’re eating.
After you’ve established yourself in an area, it’s always good to expand a bit. You just might be surprised who in your community shares your other interests. For instance when we went on lock down, I started to post about my love of succulents. That’s how I found out so many people in the wine/spirit community were plant moms. Then there is my love of Shakespeare. Little did I know that other winos geek out on the bard like I do.
Long story short, show yourself. You are too important to hide the true YOU. By the will have way more fun!
Crypto Charm
Cryptocurrency has come out swinging. It’s up…it’s down.. It’s one heck of a ride. What people thought was a fad is proving to have staying power. I went to a crypto summit last week and all the big communities are getting crypto ready. As one of the panelist said, the genie has been let out and crypto is going nowhere. The crypto markets have been volatile AF. Don’t let it scare you away. If you need an onboarding sesh, sign up for an appointment on my calendar: Crypto Sesh
Here’s some scoop to keep you in the loop.
One minute bitcoin is evil, ten minutes later it’s the best thing in the world. Sounds so confusing. Well, according to Citi, bitcoin may end up being the currency of choice for international trade. This isn’t the first time someone has said that and won’t be the last.
What about those cryptocurrency gains? There are some countries that don’t tax the crypto which is why some folks are making moves. Honestly some of the spots wouldn’t be a bad place to live. I wouldn’t mind Switzerland or Portugal. I mean..really!
Bitcoin has been slipping down with a little help from Elon Musk and Janet Yallen ever since they start poppin’ off warnings . I mean Janet is up there saying that bitcoin is “extremely inefficient” and warned about its use in illicit activity. It’s enough to make some of us feel attacked. I say don’t count out the coin just yet, cause it’s bound to make a count back just like LL Cool J!
Bill Gates doesn’t seem to be sold on bitcoin, but then again when you are already a billionaire why be worried about money at all. He’s already living his best life. Gates is concerned about energy and how much people are investing. Good things to think about, but should it stop folks from getting into crypto?
On The Steam:
My live stream will be coming back with delicious information. I have some great people that will be coming through. More winemakers, love gurus, crypto peeps, etc. You can catch the stream live on YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Twitch. If you miss the live, you can catch a recording in each spot. BOOM!
I’ll be revamping my YouTube Channel and will have some other fun announcements soon,
The Yolanda Shoshana Livestream- Zidanelia Arcidiacono from Sonoma-Cutrer
The Yolanda Shoshana Livestream- Zidanelia Arcidiacono from Sonoma-Cutrer
The Little Dandy Things:
That little dandy time when Laverne Cox loved my tweet. By the way are you and I connected on Twitter? Find me @Shoshi

Yolanda Shoshana on Twitter: "@Lavernecox looking fabulous on Zoom. I think I need to step up my #zoom game. #GoldenGlobe"
There’s a new book coming out later this year called The Cookie Bible. I was sent a copy to review. If you follow me, you know I’m a real cookie monster. The art work is delish. I’m reporting back with a review and a recipe or two.
Bises 💋…
Yolanda Shoshana, Creatrix 🍾
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