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YOGAVERMONT - You are my music

In-between the sun and moonPádraig Ó TuamaIn-between the sun and moon,I sit and watchand make some ro
YOGAVERMONT - You are my music
By Sarah  • Issue #67 • View online
In-between the sun and moon
In-between the sun and moon,
I sit and watch
and make some room
for letting light and twilight mingle,
shaping hope
and making single glances last eternity,
a little more,
extending love beyond the doors of welcoming,
while wedding all the parted people,
even sons to violent mothers,
and searching all the others finding light
where twilight lingers,
in-between the sun and moon.

“The Irish language doesn’t have a verb for love, and so, instead, we’ve had to find ways around that constraint. And so one of the ways of saying that you love a person, particularly romantic, deep, erotic love, is to say to them, “Mo cheol thú” — “You are my music.” - Padraig O Tuama

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We have been looking at the Yoga Markunda and investigating how Krishnamacharya embodied postures. I am captivated by this version of Navasana. See our last newsletter for more videos and links.
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