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It's not the map, it how you are thinking about the map. -Kathy If you follow me, Sarah, on my person
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It’s not the map, it how you are thinking about the map. -Kathy
If you follow me, Sarah, on my personal instagram page you may have noticed my obsession with windows and the idea of frames. For me, making photographs through windows is a metaphor for the cognitive frames that guide and create my experiences. When I look through a window, I often feel as if I’m seeing whole picture and yet the frame has guided my attention to what is within the window and to can also consider what the frame has cut out.
Photographs economize the truth; they are always moments more or less illusorily abducted from time’s continuum - Sally Mann
Ashtanga Yoga, the asanas & the philosophy are also frames. My practice, an image, or snapshot of me within the frame. Asana is a frame through which I can observe my body, my thoughts, my breath and the notice changes. Each practice brings my attention to what is happening within the frame. It allows me to wonder if things have changed because of what I ate, how slept or how I’m thinking or talking to myself or about myself. Considering each of the 8 limbs, particularly the yamas and the niyams helps me become more aware of the cognitive frames inside me that create my daily experiences. I wonder how this frame, like ahimsa for examples, lines up with the thought structures I already have about non-harming and take interest in the similarities and the differences. It’s helps me considered what I include in my thinking and what I consciously or unconsciously leave out.
Needing to have reality confirmed and experience enhanced by photographs is an aesthetic consumerism to which everyone is now addicted.- Susan Sontag
Kathy is going to discuss the Ashtanga or 8-limbed philosophy on Saturday at 10:40ish. Practice is at 9:00. Join us.

Trees through the window
Trees through the window
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