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YOGAVERMONT - The practice & the teachings: nididhyasana

Saturday morning Yoga Teacher Training is full of lovely brain tingling information. We have been div
YOGAVERMONT - The practice & the teachings: nididhyasana
By Sarah  • Issue #78 • View online
Saturday morning Yoga Teacher Training is full of lovely brain tingling information. We have been diving into the sources and history and we are being reminded, by the readings and by Kathy, that this practice has evolved over time with it’s practitioners and teachers in the context of their life. Kathy says since We are alive and in our bodies right now, we get to decide how to integrate this practice into our life and bodies.
If you need some brain candy while Winter is here with us, here are a few of the sources that were touched on this week were; The Yoga Makarunda, Leap of Faith a biopic on BKS Iygengarm, Kings With Straw Mats, and the The Breath of the Gods.
It is interesting to consider Krishnamacharya’s students who became well known including; Indra Devi (1899–2002); K. Pattabhi Jois (1915–2009); B. K. S. Iyengar (1918-2014); his son T. K. V. Desikachar (1938-2016); Srivatsa Ramaswami (born 1939); and
A. G. Mohan (born 1945). Most of our practice comes from Krishnamacharya’s student Pattabhi Jois, via Beryl and Tom Birch, David Williams, David Swenson, and Manju Jois via Kathy.
Krishnamacharya’s students shared yoga with the world through books and teachings. Each of the yoga practices they shared looks a little different with emphasis on different aspects. Maybe this is an example of the words we considered in last week’s newsletter. Each of these teachers listened and learned (Shravana) , then questioned and churned the teachings (Manana) and the information. Ultimately, what they then shared with their students was the result of their process of integrating the teaching into their own self understanding. (Nididhyasana).
Thanks for coming together as we embark on this process of learning, churning, and integrating.
xo, Sarah

Maps of Kosha's from Kathy
Maps of Kosha's from Kathy
Events -
Thanks for the flexibility on the reschedule. This Sunday at 6:15 we’ll watch the lecture on Nirvana Shatakam! Log into the regular zoom room. See you there. -Sarah
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Community Corner Update from Kristen!
Curiously Crafted Ice Cream News – Wonderlab's Doozy Pots
It brings me so much joy to virtually share a living room and be a part of Yoga Vermont from a far. Practicing together is always a bright spot in my week.
I wanted to share some exciting updates about Wonderlab’s Doozy Pots, the plant-based gelato company my husband and I started in 2019. Since early 2019 we have been making small batches of our organic, non-dairy hemp & oat milk gelato here in Cleveland, selling pints in stores locally. This fall we started shipping product to Healthy Living in VT & NY and I’m so excited to have pints on shelf in my hometown! We’re getting ready to make product in a bigger factory and launch into more stores in 2021, which feels like a MASSIVE win after 9 uncertain months of building this from home.
If you want to follow along the journey, we appreciate every little bit of support and you can find us in our little corner of the world
xo, Kristin.
Love you & Everyone you love
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