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YOGAVERMONT - speaking as psychic breathing

To have a voice is to be human. To have something to say is to be a person. But speaking depends on
YOGAVERMONT - speaking as psychic breathing
By Sarah  • Issue #79 • View online

To have a voice is to be human. To have something to say is to be a person. But speaking depends on listening and being heard; it is an intensely relational act. -Carol Gilligan
Last Saturday in Yoga Teacher Training we came to Astaya - (Non-Stealing) and how it pertains to speech and attention. Kathy said, ‘The less I participate, the less I steal.
During my first semester of group therapy in graduate school, I was challenged to not talk. I believe I had to sit on my hands to remind myself to keep my mouth shut. In this experiment, I noticed that not talking I felt more anxious. Could I be talking to manage anxiety? What were the driving forces behind talking? Later in group settings, I observed within myself a desire to speak so that people might know things about me. I wanted to perform in groups in ways that might create connection and acceptance. Ultimately, I may have wanted to say things that would position me as an intelligent creature, worthy of the love and attention of others.
In the book, In a Different Voice, Carol Gillian writes,
Speaking and listening are a form of psychic breathing. This ongoing relational exchange among people is mediated through language and culture, diversity and plurality. For these reasons, voice is a new key for understanding the psychological, social, and cultural order – a litmus test of relationships and a measure of psychological health.
Gilligan’s ideas are timely for all the conversations we are having about listening and diversity. Listening can be social activism that creates spaces for voices usually overlooked and not talking can be a way of getting to know one’s self and the unconscious ways we participate in groups.

Map of the Human Being. Light on Astanga Yoga, BKS Iyengar
Map of the Human Being. Light on Astanga Yoga, BKS Iyengar
Beginning Ashtanga Thursday (Kathy) & Sunday (Sarah) 5pm
Sunday Watch Party 6:15pm! We had so much fun nerding out about the Nirvana Shatakam lecture we watched together. We are going to watch the next lecture in the series and we will switch it up to other topics as we go. Bring your knitting and your hot chocolate.
Yoga Teacher Training is always happening on your time and schedule on Patreon and in life and also on the scheduled times listed on the website.
Community Corner from Adam
Hello yogis!
Its been so long since we have seen each other. There isn’t a day when the studio doesn’t cross my mind. Although we aren’t meeting on the same floor every week, we are all practicing on our mats, wherever they may be. We are fortunate to have the internet to connect, and the love and teachings of Kathy to remind us that “everything is yoga”.
This past year has given us all a chance to connect to friends in new ways, pick up a new hobby or even an old one. This summer, I’ve spent a lot of time in the forest photographing mushrooms species and foraging for Reishi. Vermont is such a beautiful place. Lately, I have been studying, playing and experimenting with “Hindustani Classical Music”, the music of Northern India. The history, complexity, nuances, and lineage is so similar to the Yoga we all practice. The music is structured as a composition or “raga” (mood in Sanskrit), within a specific key, meant to incite a certain emotions or even rain. there is said to be thousands and thousands of ragas, each with a specific structure and purpose. The video is of me playing the Sarod, in the key of Kafi (C Dorian in western music) and attempting a composition by Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, entitled Raga Chandranandan.
I hope you all the best and stay safe! ~ Adam
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