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Three new words I'm thinking about: Shravana Manana Nididhyasana I learned these words from Professo
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Three new words I’m thinking about:
  • Shravana
  • Manana
  • Nididhyasana
I learned these words from Professor Rambachan YouTube talk on the poem the Nirvana Shaktam. He says that according to the Upanishad knowledge is a transformative discipline. The Brhadaranyaka Upanisad uses these words to describe the 3 dimension of learning.
Shravana : Attentive listening with an open mind, being receptive to understand, not immediately dismissing.
Manana: Reflection with the use of reason. The processes of churning and questioning the information.
Nididhyasana: Disapline of seeking to integrate and assimilate the information into my self understanding - atma-jnana.
Sunday Evening at 6:15 we are going to watch the first lecture together on zoom. Join us for a watch party and chat. -Sarah

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Sunday, Dec 6th at 6:15 Watch Party! Nirvana Shatkam Chant Lecture
This is first lecture of the series of talk on ‘Nirvana Shatkam’ by Professor Rambachan. He is great teacher and this was topic of PhD thesis in Leads university England. Nirvana Shatkam is attributed to Shankara. It was answer by the 8 year old Shankara to his Guru Prabhupad when asked who are you? Please enjoy the wonderful talk.
Log into our regular zoom studio (password is YOGA all caps) and join us to watch the first video and learn about the Nirvoana Shatkam.
Congrats Gina on finishing her 500 hours!!
500 Hours of Lessons with Kathy
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